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  • Affordable Energy Efficient Appliances

    When it comes to energy efficient appliances, it’s currently the case that, although they will save you money long term, unfortunately the initial purchase cost can be inaccessible, making it especially difficult for people who have a need to control the rising cost of living.

    Fear not! Its DB Domestics to the rescue as we have identified these energy efficient appliances that don’t cost the earth…


    1. Beko Washing Machine: WEC84P64E2W

    At £369.99, this A rated washing machine from Beko is drastically more affordable than the majority of other energy efficient appliances available. And the best part? It’s got almost as many features as an appliance at the higher end of the price scale, including:

    • SteamCure, which uses the power of steam to reduce creasing! An added way to reduce bills (and time spent!) with less ironing. We love to see a feature like this, especially in an energy efficient appliance – extra function using less energy.
    • AquaTech, which helps to deliver up to 50% faster washes. And the less time its on, the more money you save!
    • Bluetooth connected with HomeWhiz
    • Digital display

    This machine also comes from DB Domestics with 1 year parts and warranty to continue to support you financially even after purchase.

    Savings £££: Not only does this A rated machine use less electricity, it also uses almost 20 litres less water per wash than any other machine on the market, reducing your water bills too!

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    New appliance energy ratings explained: From March 1st 2021, new energy labels were introduced to, according to Which, ‘reinvigorate the sustainability race for manufacturers’. The new system scrapped the confusing A+, A++ and A+++ ratings, resetting the scale back to A to G. This meant that appliances which had previously been A rated, have now gone to the middle of the scale as the ratings push manufacturers to improve. In short, nowadays, A really means A.


    2. Hoover Washing Machine: HWB510AMC


    Need something slightly bigger to accommodate a larger family? This A rated machine from Hoover is just £30 more expensive than our Beko option, and with that comes an extra 2kg of drum size. Total cost £399.99.

    It should be noted that although this model is equally as packed with features and energy efficiency, it isn’t above average on water consumption like the Beko. That being said, until the 7th June, you will get a 6 month supply of Fair detergent along with this machine as part of a special Hoover promotion.

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    3.  Candy Tumble Dryer: CHPH10A2DE

    £349, for an energy efficient tumble dryer? Yes, that’s right! Not only that, but this machine reduces bills by £106 per 100 cycles. Mic drop!

    Features include:

    • 10kg drying load
    • Heat Pump technology
    • In-door water tank
    • Sensor dry technology

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    A note on warranties: Recently a customer asked us, ‘Why is that machine £1,000 and that one is £369.99?”, and the short answer is features and expected lifespan. That being said, there is no reason you can’t get longevity out of an affordable model when it is well maintained. Selecting an extended warranty can save you a lot of money in the long term.



    Investing in a new Energy Efficient Appliance

    At DB Domestics it’s our goal to support you with a considered, personal service while you navigate your household in this ever and rapidly evolving world.

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