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  • Fridges and freezers that keep food fresh longer

    We all know that fresh food is great, but many of us are shying away from it because it won’t go the distance we need it to.

    For those of you who are tired of wasting the last of the fruit and veg because it has turned before you get to it, or feel you are unable to shop frequently enough to keep on top of fresh food, fear not - there are solutions!

    From buying fresh foods with a longer shelf life specifically, to upgrading to appliances designed to help you get the most out of your shop, with a little bit of domestic smarts you can easily incorporate fresh food to your lifestyle.

    A selection of modern refrigerators


    5 Refrigerators designed to make your food last longer

    All of the following freestanding fridge-freezers come with special features which give attention to lengthening the life of your fresh food, that is fruit and veg, and meat and fish!


    1. Bosch KGN39VWEAG

    The Bosch KGN39VWEAG is an impressive 2 meters tall, meaning it can store an even more impressive amount of food! Of course, that means though, you either have to be going through it quickly, or the refrigerator has to be set up to keep it all for a while.

    Well, it is!

    This fridge-freezer:

    • Has a power failure storage which keeps your food safe for up to 16 hours if something happens when you’re not around.
    • Never frosts up, so you always have maximum freezer space to keep more food for longer
    • Works with two separate cooling circuits to prevent gases moving from the fridge to the freezer. And if you’ve read our blog about foods with longer shelf lives, you’ll know that keeping centre foods away from moisture and odours will lengthen their lifespan.
    • Is built with two Vita Fresh drawers designed to keep meat and fish at 0 degrees; the perfect temperature to lock in nutrients and vitamins. This style of storage lengthens the life of your meat and fish, as well as holds the taste.

    Key features:

    • Gross capacity of Fridge (279Litres) and Freezer (87 Litres)
    • Frost Free
    • Multi Airflow System - Even air distribution
    • Chrome wine rack
    • LED - soft lighting
    • 5 Year warranty parts and Labour
    • Dimensions in (cm) H203 x W60 x D66

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    2. Siemens KG39VVIEAG

    Like its Bosch cousin, the Siemens KG39VVIEAG has its own frost-free technology and accurate air temperature control features providing the same benefits as above but to confirm…

    Siemens ‘Low Frost’, means you need to defrost less frequently and the temperature control feature on this appliance means you can adjust the temperature to optimise care for the items you like to store the most.

    Additionally, it features a Siemens ‘Hyperfresh’ crisper drawer underneath its four standard shelves (one of which can be switched for chrome bottle holder) – yes, it’s big!

    Summary of features:

    • 248/94 Litre Capacity
    • Low Frost Technology
    • LED lighting
    • Electronic Temperature Control
    • 5 Year parts & labour warranty (upon registration)

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    Example of an open and filled fridge-freezer from Siemens


    3. Beko cfp3691vw

    This fridge freezer features Beko's innovative HarvestFresh™ technology designed to preserve the vitamins in your fruit and veg for longer.

    Additionally it features Beko's Freezer Guard technology meaning it can be kept anywhere in the home, withstanding temperatures as low as -15°C.

    What's more, there's no need to waste time defrosting this appliance thanks to also Beko's own 'Frost-Free' technology.

    We love it!

    • HavestFresh Technology
    • Frost Free
    • Chrome Wire Wine Rack
    • Door Open Alarm
    • 50/50 Split
    • 1 Year Warranty

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    Integrated fridge-freezer from Beko



    Looking for an integrated model?

    4. Beko bcfd3v73

    Like its freestanding counterpart, this integrated model from Beko also comes with Harvestfresh™ technology in the large salad crisper drawer. Did you know that it works by mimicking the 24 hour sun cycle to preserve the vitamins in your fruit and veg for longer.

    Summary of features:

    • 70/30 split
    • Fridge: 193 litres / Freezer: 69 litres
    • No need to defrost with frost free technology
    • 3 colour light technology preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables
    • Fast freeze rapidly lowers the temperature inside the freezer
    • 177.5 x 54 x 54.5 cm (H x W x D)

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    Example of an open and filled fridge-freezer from Siemens


    5. Blomberg knd4554vi

    Blomberg has equipped the KND4554VI with a range of features to help you get the most out of your shopping in line with your habits.

    Just like Beko's Harvestfresh, Blomberg's VitaminCare+, simulates the cycle of the sun, retaining more essential nutrients and vitamins in fruit and vegetables. 

    This model also includes Dual Cooling which means the appliance uses two fans and evaporators to maintain ideal humidity in the fridge and a dry, frost free freezer so that you can keep both chilled and frozen items at their optimised temperature for longest life span.

    Additionally a door alarm will sound should you accidentally leave the fridge door open exposing your produce to warmth, and you’ll get 13 hours of storage in case of a power failure.

    It's got it all!

    Summary of key features:

    • VitaminCare+ harnesses the power of nature inside your fridge.
    • Dual cooling system
    • Internal Metal backwall helps to retain the cold temperature
    • Door open alarm, Side Wall LED lighting
    • E energy class, Holiday Mode

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    Example of an open and filled fridge-freezer from Blomberg


    Fresh thinking

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