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  • Fresh Foods with a Long Shelf Life

    happy lady selecting fresh food from fridge

    Picture the scene… there’s a global pandemic, and the entire population of the world is asked to stay at home from three months. Can you imagine! Oh, wait…

    Ok, so what was on your shopping list when you were stocking up? Beans, tinned soup, tinned veg, cereal, peanut butter, pasta (if you could get it!) and flour too (obvs!). Essentially, all of the things you knew would survive the apocalypse with you.

    But where was the fruit and the veg?

    Admittedly, the good stuff has less of a good rep for going the distance than potatoes and rice for example, but we do need it to keep our diets balanced and our bodies looking and working as they should.

    If you are looking to get the most out of your fruits and veggies for whatever reason, then this list of fresh foods with a long shelf life should keep you right.


    Reasons you might need your fruits and veggies to last longer:

    • You live alone and can’t eat all of the grapes before they turn
    • You have to isolate
    • You can’t (or don’t want to) shop as frequently as fruits and vegetables would like you to
    • You want to reduce your food waste
    • You’re having a party and can’t shop close to the date
    • You’re going on a road trip (beep beep!)


    Psst… tell us your reasons and we’ll add them to the list with a credit. DM the DB Domestics Instagram account.


    10 Long Life Fruits and Vegetables

    Presenting a selection of fresh foods that are willing to really go the distance for you. 

    To keep you right we've batched them up into life span groups, and also included additional tips for keeping fresh food fresh for longer.



    Fruits and vegetables which last up to 6 weeks


    1. Beets


    These veggies live up to their name when it comes to shelf life, ‘beating’ the majority of other fresh foods in the survival stakes. However, this is dependent on how you store them.

    Keeping beets fresh for longer: If you don’t want to use them straight away then remove their greens, because greens pull moisture from veg. Then pop them in an airtight bag with a few very small holes which will allow naturally emitted moisture to escape as required.

    bunch of beets on a white background


    Fruits and vegetables which last up to 4 weeks


    1. Apples


    Let’s face it, apples are royalty in the fruit world. From Adam and Eve to your favourite teacher; everybody loves them! And for good reason.

    Not only are apples tasty, but they’re easy to look after. You can leave them out until they’re ripe, then simply pop them into the fridge to extend their life some more. This means you can buy more than one bag at a time, and it will see you through for up to 4 weeks!

    But beware, apples can absorb odours, so keep them away from refrigerated items such as fish and onions.

    Loose apples on a white background

    1. Carrots


    Carrot, the humble hero that can stick around for up to 4 weeks after you welcome it into your home – who said romance was dead? Just keep it unpeeled in a (re-usable) plastic fridge bag – and away from apples and pears, for best shelf-life action.

    carrots with leaves on a white background

    1. Citrus Fruits


    Although this takes up one spot on our list, the entry actually includes oranges, grapefruits, clementines, lemons and limes. Of course, we doubt you’ll be snacking on the latter two, but they do add freshness to other foods and drinks.

    Like apples, these can all be left on the shelf until they are fully ripe, then refrigerated to extend their life; they are best left loose in the crisper drawer.

    Did you know? Smaller citrus fruits tend to last longer than the larger ones! No? Well now you do.

    group of citrus fruits on a white background



    Fruits and vegetables which last up to 2 weeks


    1. Bell Peppers


    All bell peppers start off green and change to yellow, orange and red as they mature (so cool)! So, if you aren’t particular about colour then go with green as they will last longer.

    These fruits (yes that’s correct!) will stay fresh for up to two weeks as long as you keep them dry; any moisture will soften them faster.

    group of bell peppers on a white background

    1. Blueberries


    Ok, there’s a theme emerging with the fruits on this list isn’t there? Blueberries will last longer than any other berry… if they are allowed to ripen at room temperature, then stored in the, you guessed it, fridge!

    Top tip: Don’t wash them until just before eating and forget about the crisper drawer for this gang. Their retail packaging, on the fridge shelf will do just fine.

    loose blueberries on a white background

    1. Celery


    So, celery rocks. It’s the classic choice for dipping, makes a great soup ingredient, and serves as a great base for a healthy green juice.

    But if you want to make it last longer then you have to give it some TLC. Get this… the gas omitted from celery will make it go bad quicker when it’s wrapped in plastic! So, when you buy it, take it out of the plastic and wrap it in foil.

    Celery on a white background


    Fruits and vegetables which last up to 2 months!


    1. Squash


    Squash is another super versatile food stuff so it’s pretty handy that it lasts for so long. From soup, to roasted side veg, heck, these days it can even be noodled! For the record, we understand these are called ‘boodles’, and that’s if you use a butternut squash in particular to make them.

    Including the famous Butternut, all squashes will last longer if they are kept in a cool, dark, and, importantly, airy cupboard.

    selection of Squash vegetables on a white background

    1. Onions


    Brown or red, onions can go even beyond the two-month mark, but they come with a specific set of instructions.

    First, the area should be cool, dry and dark (just like where they came from). When we say cool, we mean don’t mean like The Fonz, we mean 7-12 degrees Celsius. So, if your pantry, or kitchen in general is warmer than that, then definitely a cold cupboard or fridge.

    Additionally, if you want your onions to last, keep them away from potatoes and leave them loose on a shelf for ventilation.

    Phew. That’s a high maintenance, albeit high value veg!

    3 brown onions on a white background

    1. Cabbage


    Wait, are we saying that this green leafy veg can last, months?! Yes. Yes, we are.

    The final entry on our list of fruits and veg that go the distance, just wants to be wrapped in plastic and popped into the fridge to see out its final days before you eat it.

    whole and half cabbage on a white background


    Other ways to eat fresh without shopping all the time



    Fruits about to turn? Chuck them into the juicer and pop the outcome into reusable airtight bottles or drinks shakers and keep in the fridge for even longer.


    You probably won’t want to be freezing your own fruit and veg (although it doable) but buying pre-frozen batches if a great idea for keeping things natural when your fresh supply runs out. Think juice and soup mixes.

    (view freezers from DB Domestics)


    Yes, we think we’ll call it that. It is to veg what juicing is to fruit. So take the sentence above, and swap the word fruits with the word vegetables. Et voila!


    Fresh Thinking

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