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    Which washing machine is best?

    The answer to the question ‘which washing machine is best?’ is subjective; what is best for one household, could be a bad choice for another. But there are a set of rules you can follow to truly answer the question for yourself.

    How to understand which washing machine is best

    When choosing which washing machine is best, you have to take your own environment into consideration.

    If you are in a large household, then a washing machine with large drum size and long warranty will be best. If you are in a two person or single household then a smaller drum size and quick wash function will likely suit you better.

    In addition however, other personal circumstances might come into play.


    Further considerations when buying a washing machine

    First of all, let's talk about budget. If you have a low budget but require durability, this could be tricky so ask your appliance salesperson to point out machines which match both needs to find the machine that's best for you.

    On the other hand, if price isn't too much of a consideration but build quality still is, you should have a broader range from which to pick your own match. If that is the case however, you might find yourself considering:

    • Energy efficiency
    • Noise level
    • Machine Colour


    Did you know that all washing machines are standard size? That means you don't have to worry about measuring your space or bringing your tape measure to the store either!


    Which washing machine is best for YOU?

    Make the following list:

    • Household size
    • Level of use
    • Length of time you want to keep it
    • Budget 
    • Housing type (if you're in a flat you might need a quieter model)
    • Style preferences
    • Your energy use considerations

    Then take that list to your local appliance dealership, and they'll pick out the one for you. It'll be just like when Harry Potter goes wand shopping, when you find your match, it'll be magical!


    Washing Machines at DB Domestics

    If you are in the market for a new washing machine, then we are your local domestic appliance store. Our extensive laundry range covers everything from freestanding and integrated washing machines to combination washer dryers and eco-friendly tumble dryers.

    At DB Domestics we specialise in laundry, refrigeration. cooking and dishwashers. We also do kitchens.