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  • Which washing machine brand is best

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    The answer to the question, which washing machine brand is best can vary dependent on circumstances. We recently wrote, which washing machine should I buy, and when it comes to brands, you should go through a similar process.

    When deciding which washing machine brand is best for you, you should consider factors like your own budget, household, style preferences and additional features like energy efficiency before you come to a conclusion.

    Nevertheless, some brands generally do stand out in every respect.


    Washing Machine Brands Reviewed by Requirement

    To help you understand which washing machine brand is best, we’ve broken it down by circumstantial needs; looking particularly at pricing, as well as specialist requirements such as warranty and drum size.


    Best washing machine brands by price

    As price point is generally a foremost consideration, let’s look at best brands by that category first.


    The following brands have favourable price points, but their well established and trusted nature means that even when spending less, you can rely upon them.

    ·         Beko

    ·         Indesit

    ·         Hotpoint

    ·         Hoover


    If you have a little more to spend on your washing machine then these brands will support you in combining reliability with additional features.

    ·         Blomberg

    ·         Zanussi

    ·         Hotpoint

    ·         Samsung

    ·         Hoover


    If budget isn’t an issue when buying a washing machine, then one of these brands will give you everything including reliability, additional features and special functions such as late loading and timed starts.

    ·         Bosch

    ·         Siemens

    ·         Miele

    ·         Samsung

    To find out more about any of these brands, click on the links to go to our brand information pages.


    Specialist Washing Machine Brands

    Additionally, some brands also have their own specialisms which again make them unique in defining why one is best for some people over others.

    Let’s take a look…

    Hoover machines are great for drum size and all round value for money

    Miele washing machines last up to 20 years!

    Siemens build machines with quality in mind, so much so all of their machines come with long warranties.

    Bosch carries a huge amount of brand value.

    Blomberg (a brand exclusive to Euronics suppliers like DB Domestics) machines are great all-rounders when it comes to value in relation to spec and warranty.

    Samsung is another brand which believes in its build quality and proves it with long warranties

    Beko machines are also fantastic all rounders


    DB Tip: Select the budget section you belong to, then check out the specialist functions of the brands to find out which suits you best.


    Which? Brand…

    For additional guidance, consumer support brand Which? keeps on top of the best washing machines on the market at any given moment, and is a good place to go if you are looking for deeper inspiration and information.

    But stay with us for a moment…


    Get support and make the right decision for you

    When buying any new appliance, it goes without saying that time should be taken before making your final choice. Appliances like washing machines should serve you well with lasting power, no matter which price point category you are in.

    If you are in the market for a new washing machine, it can pay to go through these considerations with someone for whom washing machines is their specialist subject.

    Where will you find one of them? Well, any of the shop floor team at DB Domestics will be happy to help. We are available by phone and email 7 days a week. You can even come to see us if you’re local.

    Browse our washing machines by category (including freestanding and integrated), make a shortlist then get in touch to make the final choice.