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  • Which washing machine drawer?

    Ok, admit it, you’ve been using the washing machine for a while now but you’re still not 100% sure which washing machine drawer is correct for each laundry cleaning product.

    Either that or you’re searching this because you’ve just left home, and the washing machine is a whole new universe.

    Either way, we’re here to help you understand what goes where and which washing machine drawer does what.


    Understanding the washing machine drawer

    The good news is, most washing machine drawers are standard. There will be 3 drawers and they will be numbered or show symbols to illustrate order.

    Washing Machine Drawer


    The first space is cleared during pre-wash, the second space is cleared during the main wash, and the 3rd space is where the fabric softener goes.


    Should I use liquid or powder for my laundry?

    Top tip: Use powder! It performs better than liquid on quick washes due to the difference in the length of time each takes to dissolve at different temperatures.

    And we would add, avoid using tabs for quick washes altogether as they cannot dissolve quickly enough at the temperature the water can reach on a fast cycle.

    Added bonus of using laundry powder over liquid, it often comes in a cardboard box which is better for the environment on top of helping you with better performance on quicker washes.


    Getting the most out of your washing machine

    Hopefully now you know which washing machine drawer to use for what, and are equipped with additional information about which products to use and when to get the best out of your washing cycles; even in a sustainable way.


    Laundry at DB Domestics

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