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    For over 130 years Bosch has been developing creative, and unconventional ideas into their products and services that help improve quality of life. By using today's technology to create great quality appliance at a affordable prices for the consumer, Bosch has become a worldwide respected, and trusted brand for consumer goods. Bosch aim to create appliances, which improve quality of life by coming up with solutions within daily household chores. 

    Originated in Germany, Bosch has expanded and became a global manufacture where they provide sales and service in over 60 different countries. Providing excellent after service, Bosch provide a minimum of 2 year parts and labour warranty and are often promoting free extra warranty or cashback on certain appliances throughout the year. 



    • Refridgeration


      Bosch fridge freezers contain cutting-edge technology, including no frost to prevent any ice forming up in the freezing meaning you will never have to manually defrost the freezer again. Flexible storage including adjustable shelves and an extra large freezer draw in the freezer compartment make it easier to maximise the space available for different items.

      The vitafresh is an extra feature available in many Bosch fridge freezers, which contain separate compartments in the fridge that you can set at a different temperature, and humidity to help keep food fresher for longer, and provide essential nutrients for a healthy diet, The Bosch fridge freezer does this with a contemporary style that is available in white, black and stainless steel, and in many different sizes to fit in your kitchen.

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    • Washing Machines, Washer Dryers
      Washing Machines, Washer Dryers

      Washing Machines, Washer Dryers

      Bosch washing machines and washer dryers undergo the toughest tests of being able to wash 16,000kg of washing perfectly before they are branded the name Bosch. The washing machines all contain a VarioPerfect, which allows you to speed up the washing process by up to 65% or to your wash more economically, which can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%.

      The Bosch WAT286H0GB (9kg, 1400 spin) washing machine is recommended by D.B Domestics due to there perfect washing results thanks to the i-DOS, which automatically measures the precise amount of detergent and water needed for each load. This model also has home connect which gives you the option to use your washing machine anywhere using your phone or tablet. 

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    • Dishwasher


      Bosch dishwashers comes with a load of innovative features including the PerfectDry, which uses natural Zeolith minerals to remove humidity, and leaving your dishes - including plates, pans, glasses and plastic perfectly dry. Quick wash programmes are available to clean your dishes  in as little time as in 30 minutes, and the Variodrawer feature is available in many different models for you to fit in different size items comfortably. 

      Bosch dishwashers have some of the best energy efficiency using less water and electricity,  and will still get the same amazing results. New advanced technology takes it a step further by including load senors, which detect when you are using a smaller load to make sure you only use the necessary amount of water needed.

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    • Induction Hobs
      Induction Hobs

      Induction hob

      Bosch induction hob can boil 2 litres of water twice as fast as a ceramic hob, and its also a lot cheaper and safer to use over a gas hob. Being able to sever dinner faster whilst using less energy allows you to have more free time to enjoy yourself. Bosch has a 13 amp plug and play induction hob (PUE611BF1B), which is the perfect replacement if you wish to switch your gas hob for an induction. 

      Bosch also provides a wide range of different sizes from 30cm domino hobs to 90cm hobs with built in integrated ventilation hoods. Many of these more advanced induction hobs come with extra features including a power boost function which heats up 50% faster, and then a combi zone which can connect 2 hobs into one to give you a larger and more flexible cooking area.

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