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    Rangemaster is Britain's number one range cooker, which is why you will find it the heart of the kitchen in most homes. Rangemaster is part of the AGA rangemaster group that includes some of the world's most aspirational range cooker brands such as AGA, Falcon, Rayburn, Mercury and La Cornue. 

    Rangemaster creates each appliance by hand in Royal Leamington where they provide a mix of quality, performance, choice and features, which has rewarded them for being market leaders for range cookers. From the distinctive design of the Elan to the contemporary style of the Nexus, Rangemaster offer over 700 Range cooker variations, which is the biggest range of style, size and fuel type making it easy to find a Rangemaster cooker that will be perfect for your kitchen. 

    Rangemaster over the years has won many rewards where their most recent one includes best Range Cooker of the Year 2015 in the prestigious German Plus X awards for the most innovative brands. The professional plus 90 also got voted the best cooker buy Which? magazine this year. Each of Rangemaster appliances come with a 2 year warranty parts and labour. 



    • Cooking

      Gas and Dual Fuel range cooker

      Rangemaster has a large selection of Gas and Duel Fuel range cookers available in different styles and colours for small kitchens or open-planned kitchens. Dual fuel is the most in-demand for consumers who are looking to take advantage of the multi-purpose appliance. All of Rangemaster Gas and Duel Fuel cookers come with a cast aluminium griddle, a Wok burner and Steadfast pan support, which is available only on Rangemaster cookers. 

      Rangemaster have different styles and models, which are all available in a Duel Fuel and most are available in just gas to help people have the cookers on their dreams despite there constraints. Most of these range cookers will include multi function ovens, catalytic self cleaning liners, electric glide out grill, storage draw and a warming draw.


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    • Cermainc and induction range cookers
      Cermainc and induction range cookers

      Cermainc and Induction Range Cookers

      Rangemaster has a fleet of different electric cookers all with precise and instant heat, and easy-wipe surfaces to clean. All of Rangemaster electric range cookers include a hot hob indicators, fully programmable oven, separate glide-out grill and catalytic liners in the main oven. The classic also comes complete with a host of other Rangemaster extras including an innovative Handyrack

      The induction Rangemaster cooker is a new demand for those who are after an energy efficient, extremely safe and faster way of cooking. The precise heat generated from induction cookers and fast changes can be made to the temperature making them a more modern feature to have in a kitchen, and perfect for family kitchens. Rangemaster induction range cookers are becoming of a huge demand, and are now available in a range of colour schemes, sizes and chrome or brass nobs. 


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    • 60cm rangecookers
      60cm rangecookers

      60cm Rangecookers

      Rangemaster have mini 60cm rangecookers available in all gas or ceramic for those who don't have the space for a wider rangecooker. Rangemaster have the classic model available in black or cream with its arched baker's windows and classic styling of a traditional range cooker.  The other alternative includes going for the professional plus a popular choice for those who are looking for a contemporary finish. The professional plus comes in stainless steel or black, and also comes in the option of all gas or ceramic.

      The 60cm Rangemaster cookers comes with the same features as a wider range cooker, which includes catalytic liners in the top and bottom ovens, griddle, steadfast pan supports and rotary controls. 

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    • Refridgeration


      Rangemasters new American fridge freezers RSXS offers a sleek, and sophisticated design that will add a wow factor to any open-plan kitchen scheme. The side-by side American style fridge freezer comes with a range of features including a super freeze mode, which is ideal for keeping large quantity of food fresh after doing a big shop. The holiday mode function turns off the fridge but keeps the freezer compartment active, which is great for when going away for long summer or Christmas breaks. A quick drink mode is available that can remind you of any drinks in the freezer compartment with the intention of quick cooling. The RSXS can also be programmed via the control panel to convert the bottom left freezer compartment into a fridge space.

      The Rangemaster RDXD American freezer comes with the same high end features as the RSXS, however this model comes with a different premium design to fit in a more class and contemporary kitchen design. Both models can be chosen in either black, ivory or stainless steel, each with a durable and hard wearing finish.  


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