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  • Built-In Ovens Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Built-In Oven

    If you are in need of a built-in oven there are a few important factors to know before you purchase. We, at DB Domestics, aim to help you through the process of finding and purchasing the right oven for your kitchen, fit it, and, remove the old unit. Replacing your oven doesn’t have to be difficult! 


    Are Built-In Ovens a standard size?

    There are varying sizes available all subject to which brand you choose. However, all built-in ovens have a standard depth of 56 cm and a width of 59.7 cm to make them fit into all household oven units. 

    A built-in single oven is 60 cm tall. Giving plenty of cooking space for most families.

    'Built Under' double ovens have an average height of 70 cm tall. They can be as tall as 72 cm or as small as 60 cm. They have been designed to fit under your worktops - perfect for combining with a worktop hob above.
    Built-in double ovens have an average height of 90 cm tall. Perfect for larger families who need oven space in their kitchen.


    How to replace a Built-In Oven

    When looking to replace your built-in oven, it can be hard to know what AMP you need or if you can plug them in. Single ovens can be plugged into 13 AMP if they are under 3kW, but those that are over need to be hardwired to a 16 AMP supply. All double ovens, including built-under double ovens, need to be fitted to a 32 AMP supply. 


    Are all Built-In Ovens the same size?

    All built-in ovens are externally the same size, roughly; apart from the obvious size differences between built-in single ovens and double built-in ovens. However internally, litre size can vary across models so, it is worth considering whether you would benefit from a slightly larger oven and asking that question before purchasing. 

    With double built-in ovens, you can expect between 90 to 130 litres of capacity. Single built-in ovens can have between 60 and 110 litres of capacity. 


    Which Built-In Oven is best?

    Which built-in oven is best for you, like everything, is dependent on what is wanted and needed. Different brands all offer a variety of benefits that you might have more need for over another. Some brands we stock that have great benefits to offer are Blomberg, Neff and AEG

    Blomberg has the best warranty on their oven range, with a 5-year guarantee on all models. Blomberg also has single built-in ovens, double built-in ovens, and built-under double ovens, so there is something for everyone in their range. 

    Neff single ovens have slide and hide doors. The door tucks beneath your oven. This function keeps it safe and easy to get hot meals out and saves space for those of you with kitchens that might not have as much room. 

    AEG has a range of ovens with steam cooking functions built-in. The SteamBake function allows you to add water into a built-in cavity before you start cooking. Get the best results for baking bread and pastries, and it’s even ideal for roast chicken and pork crackling. AEG also offers a range of ovens with the pyrolytic cleaning function. This function allows the oven to heat up to 500 degrees to burn off grease and food residue to ash, so you can simply wipe away the inside once it has cooled down. The ovens even lock the door while using this function to keep it safe as well as easy.


    Can Built-In Ovens be built under?

    Single ovens can be both built-in and built-under. They are a great option for anyone in need of a small oven, no matter what space you have available. Standard double built-in ovens are too tall to be built under a worktop, so you are better off getting a specialist built-under double oven. Some built under double ovens can be built in at eye level making them built-in ovens. 


    Can you get a Built-In Oven with a Microwave?

    Built-in oven and microwave combinations are usually 45 cm taller because of the microwave. The microwave would have to be separately hardwired into a 16 AMP supply. If you want the combo, you will need to consider if you have room for it and take into consideration the hard-wiring it will need.