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  • Cooker Hoods Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Cooker Hood

    Find out why you need a cooker hood in your kitchen and what cooker hood is best for you. You can explore our range of cooker hoods online and in our showroom.


    What Cooker Hood do I need?

    When looking for a cooker hood, you need to know the size of your hob, cooker, or range cooker because the hood needs to be the same width. When looking at cooker hoods, you will find two variations of specs, vented and recirculated. 

    Vented cooker hoods extract the smells and smoke outside of the property, whereas re-circulation cooker hoods use a filter to capture grease residue and odour pollution.

    Once you know the size and spec you want, your last step is to choose the style. Cooker hood design has come a long way in recent years, and as a result, we are sure we have something that will keep the style of other accessories and appliances within the kitchen. 


    Is a Cooker Hood necessary?

    Yes, a cooker hood is necessary. If you use your hob often, then a cooker hood will help when cooking. The hood will help prevent smells wafting throughout the house and help remove smoke and steam from your kitchen. Cooker hoods are also useful to remove smoke that comes out of the oven when you open the door. 


    What is a Recirculating Cooker Hood?

    Recirculating cooker hoods draw in air from the room and use charcoal filters to clean the air. The filters remove odour from the air too. This cleaner, filtered air is then recirculated back into the room. 


    How often should I change the carbon filter in my Cooker Hood?

    The answer to this is dependent on your own individual use. The more you use the cooker hood, the more frequently it needs to be changed. On average, the filter in the cooker hood needs to be changed every six months.


    Should a Range Cooker hood be wider than the Cook-Top?

    The size of the cooker hood should be the same size as your hob, cooker, or range cooker. This is to ensure that the hood can draw in all the smoke and other pollutants produced from the hob. 


    Which Cooker Hood is best?

    One of our favourite brands for excellent style and quality cooker hoods is Elica. They offer a wide range of ceiling hoods, integrated hoods, chimney hoods, and plenty more. 

    Really, it depends on the style you want and the width of the hood you need. We stock loads of quality, excellent value brands that offer all different sizes and styles.


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