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  • Dishwashers Buyer’s Guide

    Are you struggling to find your ideal dishwasher? Maybe you don't know what to look for? Or questioning the financial benefit of owning one?

    Our Buyers Guide is here to help you make an informed purchase decision for a dishwasher. We have a range of competitively priced dishwasher manufacturers for you to browse and find the perfect appliance for your home. 


    Fun Fact: Where was the dishwasher invented?

    Answer: In the United Kingdom, William Howard Livens was the first person to create a non-electric, domestic dishwasher. This was the first dishwasher that included design elements used in today's modern washing machines. It included a front door, wire rack and a rotating water sprayer.


    Do dishwashers need hot water?

    Dishwashers need hot water in order to provide a thorough clean. Dishwashers need to be connected to a hot water line so that they are able to get the hottest possible water to clean with. Hot water helps to remove stains and grease, and sanitize the dishes.


    Do dishwashers need salt?

    Dishwashers do need salt in order to help the water softening system to function properly. 

    If you are in an area with hard water, it is more important to keep your dishwasher topped up with salt. However, if you are in an area with soft water, it is not as vital to use salt, as lots of dishwasher tablets have salt in them.

    If you want to add salt to your dishwasher, you should fill up the reservoir with salt until full, do this about once a month in order to keep your dishwasher running with softened water. 


    Do dishwashers save water?

    Using a dishwasher does actually save water! Recent dishwashers will be more efficient at saving water than hand washing a bowl full of dishes. Hand washing can use up to 27 gallons of water per load, whereas a dishwasher only uses 3 gallons per load.


    Do dishwashers use a lot of electricity?

    We provide a range of energy rated dishwashers, from A+++ to A. The better the energy rating the less electricity the dishwasher will use. To run a modern dishwasher, it shouldn't cost more than £75 a year at a maximum, but of course, if you have a higher-rated, energy rating, it will save you even more money.


    Where to find dishwashers for sale in the UK?

    Here at DB Domestics, we provide a wide range of top dishwasher manufacturers to choose from, with a variety of energy ratings so you can choose the most energy and cost-efficient dishwasher for your home. 

    You can browse our appliance ranges on our website or visit our Eastbourne store.


    Can dishwashers go under the sink?

    If you're struggling to find a space for a dishwasher, or have a small kitchen and don't have a lot of room, then our range of integrated dishwashers are perfect to fit into a small space. Integrated dishwashers are able to fit under sinks, so you don't have to potentially take out your much-needed storage space to install the dishwasher.  

    We also provide integrated slimline dishwashers if you need a smaller option.


    Types of Dishwasher

    Freestanding Dishwashers 

    Integrated Dishwashers

    Slimline Dishwashers