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  • Freestanding Cookers Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Freestanding Cooker

    Here at DB Domestics, we want to help you find the right appliances for your home. Freestanding cookers are used every day by families. We think it is important that you find the right one for you and your family. This buyer's guide is a way to give you the knowledge and know-how for finding what you’re looking for.


    Can you get a Cooker on a Kitchen Island?

    Yes, you can get cookers on kitchen islands as long as they meet regulations. To have an electric freestanding cooker on your kitchen island, it needs to be hardwired to a 32 AMP power supply. To have gas cookers on kitchen islands, you need to keep the area free of fire hazards that are in the hot zones.


    Choosing a Freestanding Cooker with Hob

    If you are looking for a freestanding cooker, you don’t need to look for a hob as they already have one built-in; the unit is all in one. If you are looking for separate appliances, we sell built-in ovens and ‘built under’ ovens that you can combine with a worktop hob.




    Can I get a Freestanding Gas Cooker with the Oven?

    Yes, you can. When purchasing freestanding cookers, you can get a full gas cooker which is rarely fan assisted, and there isn’t much choice to look at. The better option is to get a dual fuel,  gas top, and electric oven and grill. There is a wider choice to choose from, and they can be fan-assisted. 


    How to install a Freestanding Gas Cooker

    We don’t recommend installing your own freestanding cooker. It is easy to make mistakes, especially when it needs to be hardwired. In extreme cases, if you burn down your house, it will not be covered by insurance. This is because the appliance wasn’t installed by a professional. 




    What is the best Freestanding Gas Cooker?

    The best freestanding gas cooker depends on what you want and need. If you are a keen cook and want to get a high spec cooker that you can make the most of, then a Zanussi induction cooker would be ideal for you. It provides a large oven with an induction hob ideal for the at-home chef.

    If you want good value for money and don’t have a need for high spec cookers, then a Beko would be most suitable for you. With a price range of £269 to £439, you know you’re getting a good product for a great price.



    Can you get a Freestanding Cooker with an Induction Hob?

    Yes, lots of freestanding cookers come with induction hobs. You can get gas cookers and electric cookers with induction hobs. So you don’t have to give up the gas or electric oven to get the induction hob you want.