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  • Fridge Freezers Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Fridge Freezer 

    With so much information to take in, it can be hard to find the fridge freezer best suited for you and your household. That’s why we are writing this guide to help you learn all there is to know about purchasing fridge freezers and give you the information to help you find the right one. 


    How long should a fridge freezer last?

    Fridge freezers can last anywhere between 4-8 years, however, premium brands such as Bosch, Blomberg, or Samsung are more likely to last longer. These premium brands also tend to have a longer-lasting warranty period, compared to others.

    One of the benefits of dual-cooling appliances is that they have separate motors for the fridge and freezer sections. By having two motors, they are better quality so should last longer. 

    With all appliances, the more you look after it, the longer it will last. To get a longer life out of your fridge freezer, leave a little bit of space behind the fridge to allow the motor to ventilate so it doesn’t overheat.


    Which fridge freezer is best? 

    The best fridge freezer depends on your unique requirements. If you are looking for an entry-level fridge freezer, and you are on a budget, then Beko and Blomberg are great value for money. Their retail value ranges from £249 - £529.99. These will grant you amazing quality and great functionality. 

    If you are looking for a way to save energy costs, then Bosch and Samsung offer premium quality with high energy ratings of A+ and above. Not only will you be saving money on energy, but these brands are also quieter when running. 

    If you are stuck for choice when it comes to brands, then take a look at  ‘Which Best Buy’. They give reviews on new models and have tested hundreds of brands. 

    Things to look out for when buying a fridge freezer are;

    • Cooling power to see how quickly it can freeze food.

    • Temperature stability so you know your food is being stored at the ideal temperature.

    • Energy usage so you can save money on the cost to run the fridge freezer. 

    • Ease of use and cleaning, you don’t want to get a fridge that you’ll struggle to clean as you should be cleaning it every 3-4 months.

    • Flame retardant backs - this can be a fire risk if your fridge freezer does not have it. 

    • Decent length of warranty - so you don't have to spend hundreds to fix your fridge freezer if it breaks. 


    Where to buy a fridge freezer? 

    Here at DB Domestics, we pride ourselves on being the best we can be. We offer free delivery and installation, and we remove the packaging for free too. Other companies on average charge £15 to install appliances in your house, won't go upstairs, and charge for the packaging to be removed. 

    Not only do we have a store based in Eastbourne, East Sussex,  we can also take orders over the phone and offer UK free delivery on most fridge freezers. By buying from us, you are supporting a small local retailer, whilst getting the very best customer service. 


    How do Fridge Freezers work?

    Fridge freezers use butane gas that is pumped using a compressor in the sealed system. The fan motor then pushes the cold air to circulate it around the fridge freezer. Most fridge freezers push the cold air from the freezer cavity, which raises into the fridge cavity. 

    Fridge freezers with dual cooling work the same way. However, the cold air in a dual cooling system is separated and goes into the fridge and freezer cavities separately, instead of sharing the cold air. This is why dual cooling fridge freezers are more energy-efficient. They also do not produce excess moisture, which helps to keep food fresh for longer. 


    Can fridge freezers come in black (or other colours)? 

    Around 80% are manufactured in white, so if you are okay with a white fridge you will have a wider choice of brands, at cheaper prices. Premium brands such as Bosch and Miele only offer fridge freezers in white or stainless steel. 

    Three brands that do offer black fridge freezers are Hoover, Hotpoint, and Beko, however, you will pay a premium for one in black, as it is the rarer colour. 

    One colour that is becoming more popular and trendy is graphite. Brands such as Blomberg, Hoover, Hotpoint, and Indesit offer graphite coloring on a range of their fridge freezers. 

    Another great brand for colourful fridge freezers is Liebherr who offers bright, neon colours such as orange, green, and blue. The fridge is in a modern design and is a great way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

    If you are more of a fan of the retro style, then brands such as Smeg, Stoves, Montpellier, and Amica offer retro-style fridges in a vintage cream colour. Smeg also offers its retro style fridge freezer in pastel blue, pastel green, pink and red. Or you could go with Smeg's more bold Union Jack, Mickey Mouse, or BlackBoard patterned fridge freezers. For more information on retro fridge freezers, please view our retro fridge freezer guide.


    Find fridge freezers for sale 

    Here at DB Domestics, we will price match against all major online retailers to make sure you are getting the best price possible. We stock all of the most popular fridge freezer brands so everyone can find a fridge freezer to suit their needs.

    We have next day delivery options available, free installation, and can reverse the door free of charge. Find deals with your local retailer and don’t miss out on our January, summer, and Black Friday sales. 


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