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  • Hob buyer Guide: How to buy a Hob

    With so many options of hobs available, it can be hard to find which one is best for you. This guide will tell you all of the do’s and don’ts of kitchen hob buying and help you find which hob will work best for you and your needs.


    How to buy a Hob for a Kitchen Island

    Hobs are able to be fitted on a kitchen island, providing they meet current regulations. Gas regulations require a minimum of 30 cm on either side of the hob and 15 cm on either side of an induction hob.

    So when buying a hob, make sure to add 60 cm to 30 cm to the length of the hob, since you will need that space to stay clear.



    Can I get a hob with an integrated extractor? Does that apply to gas?

    Electric and gas hobs are both available with integrated extractors. By having an integrated extractor, you can get rid of smoke and steam and will most likely reduce future problems to both your kitchen and the hob. You can also get a cooker hood that allows you to do the same as the integrated extractors. 


    Can I get a Hob with a griddle?

    A griddle has a smooth flat surface and is used on a hob to cook foods such as eggs, bacon and pancakes. Griddles tend to be available as an optional extra when buying a hob. They are available on both gas and induction hobs, providing the griddle is suitable. 


    Can I get a Gas Hob and Electric Oven?

    There are multiple ways to get a gas hob and electric oven. You can buy the hob and oven as separate units allowing you to benefit from both. You can also buy a dual-fuel cooker. Dual-fuel cookers are an all in one appliance that has an electric oven and gas hob attached. 

    There are many options to choose from to get the type of oven and hob you like. If you have preferences on the type of hob or oven you'd prefer, then have a browse across our range on our website, or pop into our showroom, to see what choices are available before purchasing. 


    What connection do I need for a Gas Hob?

    A gas hob needs to be plugged into a 13 AMP electrical supply. A special screw gas connection is needed to fit gas hobs. You also need a gas safe, registered engineer to install the hob otherwise it can void the insurance. So we recommend getting a professional to install your gas hob. 


    Best place to find Gas Hobs for sale

    Here at DB Domestics, we have a showroom with a large selection of hobs available. We also have an online store you can browse for hobs, or even built-in ovens, cookers, and more. 


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