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  • Range Cooker Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Range Cooker

    We have a great selection of range cookers, that come in a variety of types and colours. Gas, electric, dual-fuel, and induction, we have a range cooker that is sure to suit your taste, needs, and requirements. 


    Information about Gas Range Cookers

    Range cookers normally come in three standard sizes: 90 cm, 100 cm, and 110 cm. When looking for a range cooker it is important to know what width you require to help you with your search. 

    Range cookers also come with different fuel supplies. You can get gas, dual-fuel, electric, and induction. Each fuel supply requires different connections, so you need to know what fuel supply and electrical point you have. 


    Which Range Cooker is best?

    Most people tend to go for dual-fuel range cookers. Dual-fuel cookers have the best of both worlds, with a gas top and an electric oven. There has been a recent increase in demand for induction range cookers. They come with an electric oven, and with an induction hob on the top. 

    The best range cooker is based on your preferences. If you have a preference for gas, electric, or induction hobs, then we suggest you go with that type of range cooker. 


    Which brand of range cooker is best?

    Our two favourite brands of range cookers are Stoves and Rangemaster. Both brands offer gas, electric, dual-fuel, and induction range cookers. They also both have a range of colours including blues, greens, creams, reds, and more!




    How does a Range Cooker work?

    A range cooker is a combination of multiple ovens with several burners on top. They normally have between three to four ovens, depending on the range cookers' width. The number of burners can also vary depending on the size of the range cooker. They can be anywhere between five and eight cooking burners. 


    Is a Range Cooker Hood necessary?

    We recommend using cooker hoods if you have a range cooker. Range cookers produce a lot of steam and smells while cooking and a cooker hood can help reduce these. UK regulations also require all new builds must have a cooker hood or extractor fan to remove steam and condensation from the kitchen.