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  • Retro Fridge Freezer Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Retro Fridge Freezer 

    If you’re a fan of retro-style then this is the appliance guide for you! We offer a good quality range of retro fridge freezers that come in all different sizes, colours, and boast varying functions. 

    By the end of reading this, we are certain we will have found you the ideal fridge freezer, in a style most befitting of you, your family, and your home. 


    How to defrost a SMEG fridge freezer 

    To defrost SMEG fridge freezers there are just a few simple steps you need to take. Firstly disconnect your appliance from the wall so it doesn’t keep the ice-cold. Next, take out all of your food. The defrosting process should only take an hour or two so the food should keep, but we suggest you do it before restocking the fridge just in case. 

    Once the fridge freezer is empty you want to put a towel or two on the floor and leave the door open with a bowl of hot water inside the freezer on the bottom shelf. Leave the freezer like this for an hour and the ice should be melted, if not leave it for a bit longer until it is. Once all the ice has melted use a sponge to wipe the sides of the freezer to leave it clean and fresh.

    You should only have to defrost your SMEG fridge freezer two or three times a year. If you find you are doing it more than this, please check the door seal is in good condition, so that air can’t get in.


    How to find retro fridge freezers for sale 

    Here are DB Domestics, we have all the latest retro fridge freezers available on our website. We have a range of styles and colours to match your personal design tastes and offer a range of price points so you can find one in your budget. 

    We can also deliver any SMEG or Stoves fridge freezers anywhere in the UK. 


    Is SMEG the only retro fridge freezer brand? 

    SMEG isn't the only range of retro fridge freezers, there are also Stoves, Amica,and Montpellier. However, SMEG has the best retro fridge freezers that are available and offer the largest range.


    Stoves fridge freezers, like Smeg, come with frost-free options meaning you don’t have to defrost them like other brands. Stoves retro fridge freezers come in three different colours: cream, black and red, unlike SMEG who offer a much larger range of colours. 

    Stoves retro fridge freezers are 190 cm tall and 60 cm wide, so you are getting a good, decent-sized fridge freezer for your money.  


    Amica offers two different sizes; 144cm tall and 55cm wide, or 181cm tall and 55cm wide. They also don’t come frost-free like the previous brands. Amica retro fridge freezers come in three different colours: cream, duck egg blue, and red. 


    Montpellier retro fridge freezers are similar in spec to Amica and are manufactured in three colour variants of cream, red and black. Also like Amica, Montpellier doesn’t come with a frost-free function meaning you will have to defrost it 3-4 times a year. 

    Montpellier also offers retro-style fridges with iceboxes. So if you don’t want a fridge freezer but like the retro style, this is a great alternative. This fridge, with an icebox, is 174cm tall and 59cm wide making it a great sized fridge with lots of food storage. 


    Are retro fridge freezers good? (in comparison to standard fridge freezers) 

    Retro fridge freezers can offer all of the same functionality, size, and quality that is comparable to other fridge freezers. SMEG is one of the most premium fridge freezers available on the market. They are A+++ energy rated, which makes them one of the most energy-efficient fridge freezers available to purchase.  

    SMEG is also on the quieter scale of fridge freezers with a decibel rating of 37db, the average being 32-47db. You can also catch our SMEG fridge freezers on promotion that include a 5-year guarantee!

    Stoves retro fridge freezers are a great alternative to standard fridge freezers. They have an excellent reputation and have been around for years. So there is confidence in the longevity of manufacturing and customer service with Stoves. Stoves are the same brand as Belling, but these are the more premium products of the range. 

    Retro fridge freezers have the same life expectancy as normal fridge freezers, which is 6-8 years. SMEG can have a longer shelf life of 8-10 years as they are a premium brand, so they benefit from long usage.  


    How much do retro fridge freezers cost? 

    Our Stoves retro fridge freezer offers the cheapest, premium retro fridge freezer, which also includes a frost-free function; retailing at just £779. Amica retro fridge freezers and Montpellier retro fridge freezers retail between £389 to £499 depending on the size. However, they don’t come with frost-free functions and aren’t as high quality as SMEG or Stoves. 

    SMEG retail at £1000 plus. We do offer a price match guarantee against large online retailers so you know you’re getting the best priced, SMEG fridge freezer there is. 


    What colours do retro fridge freezers come in? 

    Retro fridge freezers have the largest range of colours available and a great way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Cream is the most popular and common colour, followed by red fridge freezers. Pastel colours such as blue and green are also becoming extremely popular.

    SMEG offers the widest range of colours with six different sizes of fridge freezers all coming in pink, pastel blue, white, pastel green, cream, grey, lime green, red, black, orange, dark blue, and yellow! 

    SMEG also offers a Union Jack patterned retro fridge freezer for something even more unique.