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AEG don't settle for just getting things done. The German brand makes a point to do them very well.


AEG offers a diverse range of household appliances, including washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, hobs and, dishwashers. Their product portfolio covers both kitchen and laundry appliances.

They have also been awarded the Which? award for large kitchen brand of the year.


AEG has a history of innovation and is known for introducing advanced technologies and features into their appliances. They focus on creating products that are efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally sustainable.

With innovations such as the SensePro Hob, not only can you cook with precision to help preserve nutrients, texture, and flavour from ingredients, you’ll save energy too. And when you’ve finished eating, don’t worry about bending down to your dishwasher – ComfortLift elevates dishwashing to a whole new level, bringing the basket up to you for quick and comfortable loading.

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AEG is part of the German-based company Electrolux, which was founded over a century ago where everything is created to be perfect in both form and function. AEG appliances ranges from kitchen to laundry where all of there products guarantees exceptional performances.

AEG has been awarded many rewards including the 'Best Home Appliance Brand' category for this year, and Which? has rewarded them as consumer champions.  Both of these rewards are a coveted symbol of product excellence, and can survive rigorous testing, and still come out on top. As a one of the biggest leaders in the industry consumers you can be sure to receive a great product when they purchase an AEG appliance. 

AEG built in ovens and hobs are chosen by professional chefs all over the world - due to their outstanding cooking performances, which makes them the perfect solution for creative chefs. AEG ovens also come with an elegant finish, which can become a centrepiece to any modern kitchen thanks to German engineering. 

Choosing your new AEG appliance takes careful consideration as each appliance comes with a range of different benefits including SteamBake, true fan, Sous Vide, pyrolytic cleaning and many more. D.B Domestic's staff are fully trained in AEG appliances, and as a destination store for AEG we have a showcase full of their appliances allowing you to find the right appliance for you.  

AEG appliances come with a 2 year warranty parts and labour, however AEG does provide 5 year warranty as a promotion on specific appliances, and up to £100 cashback for customers. Come to D.B Domestics on 407-419 seaside, Eastbourne to get expert knowledge from staff, and see what great deals are available. 


AEG washing machines and washer dryers has excellent features to provide a more efficient wash and economical wash. The ProSense technology is available in all of AEG series, which automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Senors that adjust the washing cycles per load ensures optimum treatment.

The 7000 and 8000 series includes Prosteam technology, which has been proven to cut creases by one third, and be 30% more efficient in there washes. The 9000 series has all these features as well as SoftWater Technology, which elimantes the deposits of limestone, chalk or gypsum in water that can be harsh on fabrics. The 9000 series is able to wash clothes at just 30 degrees more effectively than other washing machines at a 60 degree wash. This helps put less strain on your colours, and make your clothes stay bright after each wash.


AEG built in refrigeration makes sure your food stays fresher for longer with TwinTech technology a double cooling system, which independently controls the fridge and freezer giving you a more accurate temperature. The air is also distributed evenly in the whole fridge, and there is also no need for defrosting.

More advanced refrigeration will have a customFlex storage system where the door compartments can be changed and moved to give you complete flexibility. This can help you organise your fridge storage just the way you want it for maximum storage capacity. Other features include a special zero degree compartment for meat and fish, which can keep the savour in your meat and fish from up to 3 days longer.


AEG have a extensive range of built in single and double oven cookers. They all contain multifunction ovens whereby they have incredible baking, grilling and roasting. All of there ovens score well from Which? extensive testing for oven heat and distribution as well as quality and evenness of the grill.  

AEG more advanced ovens include steamboost, which include new and intensive flavours with the added benefits of steam. Other features will include pyrolytic (self cleaning) programme and food sensor that can measure the core temperature of your dish so you can cook your steak medium rare every time. AEG have these oven suited for you whether your'e a novice cook or an accomplished chef.


AEG are proud to say there dishwashers are so good at removing food residue that there's no need prewash your dishes. This is due to there innovative satellite spray arm available in all there dishwashers, which insures all areas of the dishwasher is cleaned. AEG won two awards including the glass-care protection for there dedicated glass wash programme, and for there soft grip rubber clamps to hold wine or flue glasses. The second award includes best design, which includes the comfort lift that allows the lower rack to be lifted up higher for the user. 

Other great features include the AEG air dry function that automatically opens the dishwasher's door by 10 cm during the end of its cycle so your dishes can be dried in a more energy smart and natural way. Others include a cutlery draw for your utensils and cutlery where most of these are available in AEG built in and free standing dishwashers.