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Convenience, quality, design, energy efficiency - these are just some of the reasons Liebherr is a firm favourite here at DB Domestics.

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With over 65 years of experience in providing premium household cooling appliances, the Liebherr brand has become synonymous with high quality, reliability, and expert German engineering.

All of Liebherr’s innovative refrigeration products are manufactured to the highest standards using superior materials and benefit from decades of extensive research, development and quality testing.

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Anyone committed to the highest quality cannot accept compromise. At Liebherr we use our expertise to guarantee premium-quality products – and have done so for more than 60 years. Across the refrigeration spectrum we offer a wide range of compelling appliances that impress with intuitive operation, energy efficiency, classic design, and a multitude of practical functions geared to ensuring that food retains its freshness and quality, and so to facilitating a healthy, modern lifestyle.

Environmental sustainability and responsibility are also of primary importance to us when we develop our new appliances, and so it is not surprising that we frequently receive major awards and certificates in this area. There are many great reasons to choose Liebherr – when will you make the right choice and the excellent choice?


Liebherr freestanding fridge-freezers are outstanding appliances with many extremely useful features that help you to lead a healthy, modern lifestyle. The refrigerator compartment provides exceptional-quality food storage, and if you're looking to secure even longer lasting freshness, you can opt for the convenience of a BioFresh safe. NoFrost technology makes defrosting an unnecessary task.