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  • Airfree E50

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    Air purifier recommended for rooms up to 24 m². A natural solution to viruses, asthma, respiratory allergies and mould
    The Airfree E range purifiers uses a patented incinerator technology to destroy airborne impurities, leaving you with clean, pure air at home. This Airfree E50 air purifier contains a ceramic core, which incinerates unwanted particles, such as viruses, bacteria, moulds, ozone, pet dander, pollen and dust mite allergens.
    Airfree’s exclusive technology works by eliminating microorganisms and allergens, destroying them in a fraction of a second. Depending on the model, between 14,000 and 20,000 litres of air pass through the Airfree device every hour, treating all the air in the room in a very short space of time.
    The process works in much the same way as sterilising water by boiling it; when water is boiled, the microorganisms it contains are eliminated. In similar fashion, Airfree continually draws in air from the room, heating it to over 200 ºC and instantly sterilising it. The purified air is then cooled inside the device before being returned to the room.
    • Capacity – 24 m²
    • Size – 21.5 cm (diameter) x 26.5 cm (height)
    • 2 Year Warrenty