At DB Domestics we do our bit for the environment. 

For us to recycle your appliances we can either disconnect your appliance as part of our disconnecting and fitting services; or if it’s already disconnected we can pickup the old one when we drop off the new.  

For the pickup and drop off service. All you need to do is disconnect your old appliances from any electrical, water or gas supply and have it somewhere accessible for us to pick up. We will then drop off the new appliance in a room of choice.

Benefits of recycling with DB Domestics

Give your old appliance a second home

The majority of the appliances we recycle get taken away to be refurbished or broken down as parts so they can be used again.

Less hazardous substances ending up in landfills

If not disposed properly harmful gases from the appliance can leak out and cause soil and water contamination.

Less hassle for yourself

Save yourself a trip to the tip.

Free recycling on all external packaging

On delivery you can request for us to remove and recycle any packaging from the appliance.

What about the packaging?

DB Domestics can remove and recycle any external packaging free of charge. All the packaging we take away we will either recycle or reuse. 

  • The cardboard we flat pack and have them recycled by a local waste management service.
  • The polystyrene gets compacted in a compactor machine on site, and gets picked up to be recycled.
  • Any appliances delivered on pallets or have any wooden frames also get picked up and recycled.

WEEE stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment. This is a UK law since 2013 to ensure that electrical household appliances are to be correctly disposed of. As electrical appliances may contain a battery or a toxic substance they can essentially harm the planet, which is why since 2005 all electrical appliances have a symbol of a crossed out wheeled bin as shown below. This is to show that they shouldn’t be put into an ordinary bin, and they need to be disposed in the correct manner.

As an electronic retailer we have provided a ECO friendly system to allow all our customers who buy a new electrical equipment from us the opportunity to recycle their old appliances, which meets WEEE standards.


Will you recycle my electrical appliance?

Yes. When purchase a new appliance from us we can also collect and recycle your old one.

Will you dispose of my fridge or freezer?

Yes, there is a £20 charge for all fridges and freezers

Do I need to disconnect or defrost my old fridge or freezer before delivery?

No. You only need to remove any food or drinks 30 minutes before delivery.

Will you remove and recycle my appliance on a different date from delivery?

No, removal can only be done when delivering a new appliance.

Will you take away an additional item when delivering and removing an appliance?
  1. Yes, we can.
Will you disconnect my old appliance and recycle?

Yes. Click on the installation service, and we will automatically disconnect your old freestanding or integrated appliance also.

Does the old appliance need to be outside for collection?

No, but it needs to be accessible if you wish for a drop off and collection only.

Will you take away a Larger cooker?
  1. No, we can’t.
Will you take away a commercial appliance?

Yes, we can at an additional charge. You will need to contact the shop if you wish to have this service.

Do you do part exchange on old appliances?
  1. No we don’t.