Having a Electric Hob delivered?

Our trained and experienced delivery team can get it delivered locally and installed for just £89 and even dispose of your old appliance for free.

Find out what our service includes and how you can prepare for delivery.

Deliver your new appliance, unpack it & remove all the packaging.

We will disconnect your old appliance, put your new appliance in place and connect it up for you.

Please note we can only install into laminate & wood worktops.

We will remove your old appliance to be recycled as well as planting a tree to help the environment.

How you can prepare for installation

Ensure there is clear and safe access to your room of choice so our delivery drivers can deliver your appliance safely.

Make sure there is a dedicated supply for the hob, this will need to be 32amps if unsure please call the showroom for advice.

Check the correct size hob has been ordered, the aperture will vary but we can trim and pack your laminate to ensure it fits. However the overall width needs to be correct.

What is not included in our installation service

  • We won't make any alterations to your property to accommodate your new appliance, if the appliance doesn't fit we will advise what needs to be done for us to be able to complete the installation.
  • We can't carry out any electrical work if they are not correct for installation, if this happens we will advise what work needs doing before we can complete the installation.
  • We can only install into laminate & wood worktops, if you have a composite or granite worktop any amendments will need to be done by a stone mason.


What size are electric hobs?

The standard width is 60cm and can be as wide 90cm.

What is the difference between ceramic and induction.

Induction hobs heat the actual pan and are therefore quicker at heating up and also more energy efficient. Ceramic hobs heat the surface and are much slower than induction hobs and also leave residual heat so are not as safe.

Do you need special pans for induction hobs?

Yes you do. They need to be magnetic in order to conduct electricity, the better the quality pans the more efficient your cooking will be.

Are induction hobs safe for those with pacemakers installed?

It is advisable that if you or anyone in the household has a pacemaker to avoid installing an induction hob. Because of the way induction technology works there is a very small chance it can interfere with a pacemaker if they are near the hob.

How will I know if I have the correct electrical supply.

If you currently have a ceramic hob then the electrical supply should be correct, if you are swapping over from gas you will need to check if there is a dedicated 32amp supply present.

How soon can I get my appliance?

We offer delivery and installation 5 days a week and depending on availability we can offer same or next day local delivery.

Can you disconnect a gas hob and install an electric hob?

Yes we can, you will need the gas capping off and you will need to ensure the electrical supply is correct for us to install into.

Can you cut the worktop if a bigger hob is chosen?

Yes we can as it is all part of the installation service. Please note though we can only install into laminate or wood worktops.