Having a Gas or Dual Fuel Cooker delivered?

Our trained and experienced delivery team can get it delivered locally and setup for just £89 and even dispose of your old appliance for free.

Find out what our service includes and how you can prepare for delivery.

If you are having a gas or dual fuel cooker installed we will complete a free gas check prior to delivery and installation.

*Local delivery area only

Deliver your new appliance to your room of choice, unpack it & remove all the packaging.

We will disconnect your old appliance, put your new appliance in place and connect it up for you.

We will remove your old appliance to be recycled as well as planting a tree to help the environment.

How you can prepare for installation

Ensure there is clear and safe access to your room of choice so our delivery drivers can deliver your appliance safely.

Make sure your room of choice is ready to receive your new appliance and ensure there is adequate space for our delivery guys to work in.

Check the cooker will fit by measuring the gap available, cookers come in three standard sizes - 50cm | 55cm | 60cm

What is not included in our installation service

  • We won't make any alterations to your property to accommodate your new appliance, if the appliance doesn't fit we will advise what needs to be done for us to be able to complete the installation.
  • We can't carry out any electrical or gas work if they are not correct for installation, if this happens we will advise what work needs doing before we can complete the installation.
  • If the gas check reveals issues with either the gas or electrical supply we can't carry this work out. We will advise what works need completing and it is your responsibility to get them completed prior to install.


What size are gas & dual fuel cookers?

Height and depth are standard and they come in various widths - 50cm | 55cm | 60cm

How do I know what electrical supply is required?

All dual fuel cookers require a dedicated 32amp supply and gas cookers require a 13amp plug.

Will you deliver up stairs?

Absolutely we can, our delivery service doesn't end at the front door.

What is checked on the gas check?

We check the space around your hob which is called the hot zone to make sure it's free from switches, cooker hoods and anything flammable like wallpaper. We also check the position of the cooker is up to code.

Do you deliver to room of choice?

Absolutely we can ! Just let our delivery team know when they arrive.

What happens if the cooker does not fit?

We will return the appliance to our warehouse and someone from the showroom will be in contact to help find an alternative model.

How soon can I get my appliance?

We offer local delivery and installation on a Tuesday at present.

Can you disconnect a gas cooker and install an electric cooker?

Yes we can, you will need the gas capping off and you will need to ensure the electrical supply is correct. This can be discussed and arranged at point of sale as there will be a charge for capping off the gas. Please note we cannot undertake any additional electrical work as we are not trained electricians.

Can you convert the gas oven to LPG?

Unfortunately not as this is quite a specialised job, however most cookers come with a free LPG conversion kit.