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Hotpoint warranty information


Hotpoint appliances comes with a 1-year warranty part and labour


Hotpoint comes with a 10-year parts warranty upon registration 


A further extension of standard warranties is available on request.

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Beko is a global domestic appliance with a huge range of innovative products, fulfilling customers everyday needs. Beko launched in the UK over 25 years ago, and since then have been awarded the best winning appliance selling over 30 million appliances nationwide.     

Beko design their appliances to make customers lives easier, and to help them save money. Dedicated time and effort is invested in research, and development to gain a better customers insight to be able to create better appliances. This help drive innovation across the cooking, laundry, cooling and dishwashers in both of there freestanding and integrated appliances to help make the best use of space in peoples homes. Customer feedback from Reevo even puts forward that 95% of their customers would highly recommend Beko appliances. 


Hotpoint is originally owned by Whirlpool an American company, and is now one of the biggest-selling and best-known washing machine brand in the UK. There aim is to bring appliances that bring nurture and relaxation to the family, which they do simply by providing a huge variation of different types and sizes to suit anybody needs. There innovative technology run across laundry, refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers and iron ranges where they all deliver outstanding performance, and guarantee excellent results.

Hotpoint appliances all include a 10 year parts guarantee and 1 year labour free when you register your warranty. 


Hotpoint fridge freezers offer a generous capacity designed to fit even the biggest of weekly shops whereby designed to be adjusted to fit large bottles or tall items. Never having to defrost your freezer again with Hotpoint's total no frost will help you save time, energy and money.  

Hotpoint has a smart cooling system functions and features designed to preserve your food for longer, and at the right temperature. The active oxygen in many of their models is one example where it removes bad odours from your fridge keeps bacteria at bay and helps preserve the freshness of your for longer. 


Hotpoint offers a wide range of freestanding electric and gas cookers with a choice between gas, solid plates, ceramic and induction. The wide variety also comes in A class energy efficiency, which will save you money on your energy bills. The electric fan ovens come with easy cleaning enamel or have new catalytic liners, which uses the heat of the oven to break down the grease and fat.

Hotpoint cookers come in many different sizes and a choice of colours between white, stainless steel, graphite and black. 


Hotpoint has a large availability of built in dishwasher, and freestanding, which you can find in fullsize or slimline.  Hotpoint dishwashers have a large selection where freestanding you have an option of white, sillver or stainless steel. Hotpoint have dishwasher that are 41db(A) and are almost complete silence. The 3D zone wash programme is an an efficient and economical solution that gives you the choice to either save energy ** or increase the washing performance of your dishwasher. This is perfect progamme that is tough on grease and gentle on energy.