Having a integrated fridge freezer installed?

Our trained and experienced delivery team can get it installed and set up for just £89 and we can dispose of your old appliance for just £20.

Find out what our service includes and how you can prepare for installation.

Deliver your new appliance, unpack it & remove all the packaging.

We will remove your kitchen door, install your new fridge freezer and then template and re hang your kitchen door. Should the hinge type not match, either sliding or fixed, then we will swap them over for £30.

If you have paid for disposal we will remove your old appliance to be recycled and for placing your order we will plant a tree to help the environment.

How you can prepare for installation

Ensure there is easy access to get the old appliance out and the new one in place.

Ensure that the kitchen doors are in good condition and are suitable for use as this could prevent the installation of your new appliance.

Ensure the correct fridge freezer split is correct, all other measurements are standard but if the incorrect split is chosen the doors will not fit.

What is not included in our installation service

  • We won't make any alterations to your property to accommodate your new appliance, if the appliance doesn't fit we will advise what needs to be done for us to be able to complete the installation. The same will apply if the incorrect fridge freezer split is chosen.
  • Even though we remove all the external packaging we won't remove any internal packaging, this is to prevent the interior getting dirty as this is a sterile environment.


What is the standard size for integrated fridge freezers?

The standard size is H177.5mm x W540mm x D545mm

How do I know what split type I have for my integrated fridge freezer?

You can either check inside your instruction booklet, measure the size of your kitchen doors or check visually as the split will be apparent if it is a 70/30 or 50/50.

How do I know if my door mechanism is sliding hinge or fixed?

Check inside your instruction booklet or alternatively open the fridge door, and check to see if you have a sliding or fixed hinge. If you are still unsure please call us in the showroom and we will be happy to advise.

What side is the door hinged on the appliance?

Each appliance will vary. Please check the product specification on the product page or give us a call in the showroom and we will be happy to advise.

Will you reverse the fridge or freezer doors?

Absolutely! This service is all included in the installation price, just let the delivery know.

Will you deliver up stairs?

Absolutely we can, our delivery service doesn't end at the front door.

What happens if the fridge freezer will not fit?

We will return the appliance to our warehouse and someone from the showroom will be in contact to help find an alternative model.

How soon can I get my appliance?

We offer delivery and installation 5 days a week and depending on availability we can offer next day local delivery and installation.

Do the gases need to settle before use?

Yes they do, because we deliver your fridge freezer in an upright position it only needs 2 hours to settle before you can switch it on.

Do I need to defrost my old appliance?

No as our delivery team will disconnect it and put it straight on the van to defrost rather than making a mess in your home.