Belling 444444795 Built In Gas Double Oven

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The Belling 444444795 Built In Gas Double Oven in stainless steel allows you to effortlessly prepare your favourite recipes with a main oven capacity of 69 litres and a 39 litre capacity in the secondary oven. As well as being a conventional secondary oven there is also a handy electric grill, which is great for giving your dishes the perfect crispy top. And to keep the oven clean it has an easy-clean enamel liner which limits the amount of fat and grease that sticks to the surface so all you need to do is give it a quick wipe down.

Features We Love

  • Primary Oven Capacity 51 litre
  • Secondary Oven Capacity 26 litre
  • Easy clean enamel
  • Electrical Connection 13 Amp
  • Warranty 1 years

Full Specification

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