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Having a freestanding fridge freezer delivered?

Our trained and experienced delivery team can get it delivered to your room of choice and set up free of charge and we can dispose of your old appliance for just £20.

We can also reverse the doors on your appliance for just £20

Find out what our service includes and how you can prepare for delivery.

Deliver your new appliance to your room of choice, unpack it & remove all the packaging.

We will disconnect your old appliance, put your new appliance in place and make sure it is level by adjusting the feet.

If you have paid for disposal we will remove your old appliance to be recycled and for placing your order we will plant a tree to help the environment.

How you can prepare for installation

Ensure that your new appliance will fit in the space allocated and the doors can open unobstructed and won't hit any obstacles.

Ensure that the doors are hinged correctly for you, even though we can reverse the doors for £20 this is a separate service that is done prior to delivery.

Check access into your property as we need clear access to delivery your appliance safely. If you have ordered a tall fridge freezer you may need to check your door frames.

What is not included in our installation service

  • We won't make any alterations to your property to accommodate your new appliance, if the appliance doesn't fit we will advise what needs to be done for us to be able to complete the installation.
  • We can't reverse the doors on the day of delivery as this is a separate service, please call the showroom if this is required.
  • Even though we remove all the external packaging we won't remove any internal packaging, this is to prevent the interior getting dirty as this is a sterile environment.


What size are freestanding fridge freezers?

They all vary in sizes so please check the product page for exact dimensions of the appliance you are interested in.

Will you deliver up stairs?

Absolutely we can, our delivery service doesn't end at the front door.

What if access is limited and internal doors need removing?

Our delivery team need clear and easy access to deliver your appliance safely, if there are doors preventing this these will need to removed prior to delivery please.

What side is the door hinged?

This varies from machine to machine so please check the product specification or call the showroom who will be happy to advise.

Can you reverse the doors?

Of course we can ! As this is a separate service which is done prior to delivery this can't be done on day of delivery.

Do you deliver to room of choice?

Absolutely we can ! Just let our delivery team know when they arrive.

What happens if the fridge freezer will not fit?

We will return the appliance to our warehouse and someone from the showroom will be in contact to help find an alternative model.

How soon can I get my appliance?

We offer delivery and installation 6 days a week and depending on availability we can offer same or next day local delivery.

Do the gases need to settle before use?

Yes they do, because we deliver your fridge freezer in an upright position it only needs 2 hours to settle before you can switch it on.

Do I need to defrost my old appliance?

No as our delivery team will disconnect it and put it straight on the van to defrost rather than making a mess in your home.