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Original Taps

QETTLE Original taps offer unrivalled value and prove that a true boiling water tap can still be pocket friendly. Finished in chrome, your energy efficient QETTLE boiling water tap will soon become indispensable in your kitchen.

Signature Modern Taps

QETTLE Signature Modern taps are beautifully engineered from premium stainless steel in the UK and come with a lifetime stainless steel guarantee. With handles featuring tactile, knurled detailing, your QETTLE boiling water tap is sure to make a statement at your sink.

Signature Mini Taps

The QETTLE Signature Mini tap collection is finished in stainless steel and features a round handle. Offering either boiling water or filtered drinking water in an instant. These 2-in-1 taps are handy for hot drinks in a hurry or quickly boiling your pasta.

Signature Classic Taps

QETTLE Signature Classic taps are made in the UK from marine grade stainless steel. Offering 4 in 1 functionality, you can enjoy hot, cold, filtered and boiling water all from one spout. The design of a Signature Classic tap is more traditional and would look perfect in a farmhouse style kitchen paired with a Belfast sink.

QETTLE Boiling Water Taps

4-in-1 Functionality

QETTLE taps provide instant 100°C boiling and filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows from one spout for the ultimate convenience.

Chilled, Filtered Water

Enjoy refreshing, contaminant-free drinking water, cooled to 3-6°C when adding a QETTLE chiller. Reduce plastic waste by saying goodbye to bottled water.

Here to Help

QETTLE have a dedicated customer care team who are here to support you and ensure your QETTLE experience is fuss-free from start to finish.

Safety Features

QETTLE boiling water taps feature two-stage safety. All QETTLE taps come with a safety clip, which when in place, makes accessing boiling water impossible. When the clip is removed, an exact action is still required to obtain boiling water.

The button must be pushed down and the handle turned at the same time. Insulation ensures the spout, apart from the tip, is always safe to touch. Filtered drinking water can be accessed by the whole family without removing the clip.

How Does a QETTLE Boiling Water Tap Work?

It’s the tech inside a QETTLE boiling water tap that makes it unique. Engineered to QETTLE’s own, multi-patented design, the tap’s body conceals four, separate waterways. The simplest designs are often the best and part of QETTLE’s ingenuity is its mechanical operation.

The tap’s core functionality has no dependency upon electronic components and whether you choose a QETTLE Original or Signature, one thing is guaranteed, 100°C boiling water for a great cuppa.


QETTLE care is easy and affordable. Filter cartridges need to be replaced twice a year, and it is a simple job you can do yourself. Register your QETTLE, and they will send you a friendly reminder via email.

There’s also a small LED on the base of the tap that flashes when a filter cartridge replacement is due. The QETTLE boiler tank requires an annual deep clean. This can be done at the same time as replacing the filter cartridge. Think of it as tap TLC!