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Hoover is the brand for those who choose the same quality at home that they demand for their life. It is for those that believe in a healthy lifestyle, where wellbeing is important for them and their families.


Hoover is a well-known brand that offers a range of home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and more


The value of Hoover appliances is influenced by various factors, reflecting the brand's commitment to providing reliable and innovative products such as

  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Brand Reputation
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Affordability

Hoover appliances, especially vacuum cleaners, are known for their innovative features and reliable performance. While specific features may vary by model and product category, here are some common features associated with Hoover appliances:

  • Multiple Wash Programmes
  • Large Capacity
  • Adjustable Racks
  • Aquastop System

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A box, a fan, a silk pillowcase and a broomstick - this is how the first vacuum cleaner in history was born. The idea that transformed these simple elements into one of the most revolutionary technologies of the past century belongs to James Spangler, a night watchman in New Berlin, Ohio, who suffered from asthma and was tired of breathing the dust raised by the upright in the shop he worked in. James patented the invention and dreamt of bringing it into every house in America. He needed someone who believed in his project and with the skills and the resources to execute it.

He decided to send this first, rudimentary vacuum cleaner to his cousin, Susan Hoover - a move that made his fortune.  Susan tried using it for a few days at home and became an enthusiastic supporter. She showed it to her husband, William Hoover, the owner of a small business that produced leather items and sold them in his shop in New Berlin. Years among customers had allowed him to become well acquainted with the market. As a far-sighted entrepreneur he immediately sensed the enormous potential of this futuristic “stick”. He bought the patent and started production, establishing the company with the name - The Hoover Company. It was 1908


Those looking for a high-quality laundry solution need look no further than the range of Hoover washing machines. Across our appliance collection, you can explore a selection of washing machines with exceptional cleaning capabilities, guaranteed to leave your clothes, sheets and garments looking and feeling fresh. You can choose from a range of washing machine sizes depending on your needs – 9kg washing machines are great for fitting into smaller spaces, while larger 12kg washing machines are the perfect choice for larger households looking to get through more laundry at once.


With a bottom or top freezer, depending on your needs, Hoover refrigerators are available in different energy classes that allow you to optimize consumption and protect the environment. The Frost Free system prevents ice formation inside the freezer and the LED lights provide an optimal view of the fridge interior. Hoover refrigerators provide perfect food storage and increased freshness over time, thanks to innovative technologies.

Hoover freezers respond to your need of storing and freezing food in total security. Up to nine drawer compartments, for a useful and versatile appliance that maintains the nutritional qualities of your foods for long periods of time. Pair your freezer with a Hoover refrigerator and enjoy a unique storage experience to preserve your favourite foods.


With the Hoover multi-functional ovens, you can prepare tasty dishes, while maintaining a healthy cooking style. Choose the cooking programs that you prefer and set the functions of the oven directly from the touch screen or from your smartphone thanks to the hOn app, which also suggests new recipes to try.

The harmony of linear forms and attention to detail make Hoover ovens suitable for the design of all types of kitchen and, thanks to the innovative hydrolytic or pyrolytic cleaning programs, it only takes a few steps to have a clean kitchen oven ready for use again in no time. Easily combine taste and well-being, let Hoover surprise you!


Get crazy in your kitchen: the Hoover makes your job easier and provides you with an excellent washing experience for all your dishes, even the dirtiest ones while saving time and energy. Thanks to the carrying capacity and flexibility of its inner space, you can organize dishes, pots and glasses as you prefer.

Hoover dishwasher washing programs also clean up the most sensitive materials such as glass and ceramics, ensuring hygiene, brilliance and care of the dishes.