Washing Machine Glossary

Washing Machine Glossary

Spin Speed

  • Spin speed refers to the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) at which the drum spins during the spin cycle. Higher spin speeds extract more water from clothes, reducing drying time.
  • Benefits: Faster spin speeds save energy and time by reducing the moisture content in the laundry.
  • Did you Know? - Most Washing Machines are 1400rpm and 1600rpm machines are being phased out.

Load Capacity

  • Load capacity indicates how much laundry the washing machine can handle in a single cycle. It's typically measured in kilograms or pounds.
  • Benefits: Choosing the right load capacity ensures that you can wash larger loads when needed, reducing the number of cycles required and saving water and energy.

How much can I wash?

Small drum (up to 7 kg)

5 small towels and 6 lightweight tops. Or 2 pairs of jeans, a jumper and 10 pairs of socks or underwear. Or 2 bedsheets and 2 pillowcases.

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Standard drum (8 - 9 kg)

5 small towels and 10 lightweight tops. Or 4 pairs of jeans, a jumper and 20 pairs of socks or underwear. Or 2 bedsheets and 4 pillowcases.

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Large drum (10 kg)

6 small towels and 12 lightweight tops. Or 5 pairs of jeans, a jumper and 22 pairs of socks or underwear. Or even 2 bedsheets, a duvet cover and 2 pillowcases.

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Extra Large drum (11 kg+)

8 small towels and 15 lightweight tops. Or 5 pairs of jeans, 2 jumpers and 30 pairs of socks or underwear. Or 3 bedsheets, a duvet cover and 4 pillowcases.

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Temperature Control

  • Washing machines allow you to adjust the water temperature for different wash cycles. Common options include hot, warm, and cold water settings.
  • Benefits: Temperature control helps remove stains, sanitize laundry, and protect sensitive fabrics from heat damage.

Time Delay Start

  • This feature allows you to set a delay in starting the washing machine. You can load the machine and program it to start washing at a later time.
  • Benefits: Time delay start lets you take advantage of off-peak energy hours, ensuring that your laundry is ready when you need it.

Steam Cleaning

  • Some washing machines have a steam cleaning feature that uses hot steam to sanitize and refresh clothing.
  • Benefits: Steam cleaning helps remove allergens, wrinkles, and odours from fabrics.

Quick Wash

  • Quick wash cycles are designed for lightly soiled items and provide a shorter wash time.
  • Benefits: Quick wash cycles save time when you need to clean a small load of laundry quickly.
  • Did you know! Some machines can do a full load in just 28 minutes and a half load in 14 minutes

Smart Features

  • Many modern washing machines offer smart features that allow you to control and monitor the machine using a smartphone app.
  • Benefits: Smart features provide convenience and allow for remote control and troubleshooting.
  • Don't worry if you are not tech savvy as these features can be ignored and won't impact the running of your machine.

Detergent Dispenser

  • Automatic detergent dispensers release the right amount of detergent at the appropriate time in the wash cycle.
  • Benefits: Ensures proper detergent distribution, reduces waste, and optimizes cleaning results.
  • These tend to be included on higher end models but the savings made in terms of detergent used, water usage and electricity means it can pay for itself within a year.

Load Sensor

  • Load sensors detect the weight of the laundry and adjust water levels and cycle duration accordingly.
  • Benefits: Load sensors save water and energy by avoiding overloading or underloading the machine.

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