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    Stoves is a leading British Manufacturer of cooking and refrigeration appliances with a speciality in Range Cookers.

    Their exceptional range includes freestanding cookers, built in ovens, hobs and of course, Stoves Range Cookers; which are all made right here in the UK to a high quality specification.

    The brand was officially established over 100 years ago when Range Cookers were commonplace, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about those; and have had plenty of time to build their expertise in all of their other chosen areas too.

    Here’s everything you need to know about the brand’s flagship products…

    Stoves Range Cookers

    Stoves range cookers are made in 3 widths 90-100-110cm, and 4 fuel types; gas, dual fuel, ceramic and induction; the most modern of the solutions.

    Both gas and dual fuel models offer a balanced combination between functionality and style. You can have an entirely gas model, or opt for the gas hob but electric oven.

    Stoves range cookers with gas hobs have up to 7 burners including a 4kw wok burner. Additionally, the dual fuel (gas hob with electric oven) models come with a free griddle plate, and the Deluxe models come with a wok pan holder too.

    The ovens are flexible depending on the model you chose. The 90cm Deluxe with its Proflex Splitter gives you the ability to convert the tall Titan Oven into two separate Equiflow fan ovens which can be controlled independently. Alternatively, the 100cm and 110cm cookers have quad ovens with a multifunction option which allows you to select from 11 different cooking functions including Equiflow™ Technology; there’s also a slow oven which will cook casseroles and stews, for example, at 100 degrees.

    A ceramic hob model will also have an electric oven however, cooking electric has come a long way since it was first invented way back in 1892. Nowadays electric cooking is popular due the heat conducted via the ceramic top, the look of the glass, and how easy it is to keep clean.

    Meanwhile induction hob cooking, which will also have an electric oven, is relatively new way of cooking which works by heating a cooking vessel from a copper coil underneath the glass which creates a magnetic field when you place a vessel on top of the hob. This is a quick and energy efficient way of cooking and is becoming increasingly popular.


    • Range Cookers: Style
      Range Cookers: Style

      Stoves Range Cooker Styles

      Stoves Range Cookers come in 3 different ranges: Richmond, Sterling and Precision. The Richmond range is most traditional, while Sterling is contemporary, and Precision bridges the gap.

      All Ranges have Deluxe models if you’re looking for something for extra special.

      All Stoves Range Cookers come in a wide variety of colours.


    • Other Stoves Cookers
      Other Stoves Cookers

      Do Stoves make other cookers?

      Of course Stoves don’t only make Range Cookers. The cooking appliance experts have also applied their knowledge and landmark aesthtic to standard freestanding cookers.

      Both their Sterling and Richmond ranges extend to these freestanding cookers which come in stainless steel, cream, black or even hot jalapeno red.

      They’re all available in Electric, Gas, and Dual Fuel too.

    • Refrigeration

      Stoves Fridges

      Now, with a name like Stoves you’d be forgiven for thinking that their work stopped with cookers but over the years Stoves have developed a full complimentary and just as high quality range of refrigeration appliances too.

      From standard fridges and fridge freezers to stunning American style refrigerators, there’s something for all homes and budgets from this brand.

    • How to shop for Stoves
      How to shop for Stoves

      How to shop for a Stoves appliance

      To buy a Stoves appliance, you should find a Stoves Centre of Excellence to be sure you are shopping the widest range of their products, which should be both on store and online for your convenience.

      DB Domestics is a Stoves Centre of Excellence in Eastbourne, East Sussex. All Stoves products are available to view at our huge showroom where you will find the help of our in store appliance experts. Alternatively, if you would rather shop online, you can browse all products on our website safe in the knowledge that our shop floor team are at the other end of the phone 7 days a week.