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  • American Fridge Freezers Buyer’s Guide: How to buy an American Fridge Freezer

    We have a range of competitively priced American Fridge Freezers to choose from. With a range of premium to entry-level brands, we are certain to find an American fridge freezer that will meet your requirements.


    Which American Fridge Freezer is best? 

    Here is a list of some of our best sellers, for their quality, functionality, and cost:


    Samsung American Fridge Freezers have recently been voted, the that you can buy. They come with a 5-year warranty for parts and labour, and the digital inverter mortar comes with a 10-year warranty. Samsung has a huge selection of American fridge freezers that come in all kinds of styles. They also offer different colours such as stainless steel, black steel, and black.

    Fisher & Paykel

    The Fisher & Paykel American Fridge Freezer range also offers a large selection of quality American fridge freezers, that also come with a 5-year warranty. They are also available in stainless steel and black stainless steel colour finishes.


    When it comes to SMEG American fridge freezers it goes without saying quality is included, but true to their brand, of course this range also offers a wider array of their iconic colours such as cream, pastel blue, black, and stainless steel. They are known for their high-quality products and reliability. They also offer a great energy-efficiency rating making them more efficient and cost-effective.


    If you want to save running costs, then LG American Fridge Freezers, like SMEG, offer a good energy rating on their range of American fridge freezers. LG also tends to have a low decibel rating making them quieter than other fridge freezers. However, LG only comes in stainless steel meaning there’s not as much colour choice. 


    If you are looking for more budget-friendly American fridge freezers then Blomberg is the best value for money. With a price of just £949.99, you get high quality and a good price. They come with a 3-year guarantee and offer plumbed and non-plumbed variants.  


    How to install an American Fridge Freezer 

    Because of their size, getting American fridge freezers inside the house can be very difficult. Most American fridge freezers allow you to take the doors off so that they can fit through doorways or carry them in tight spaces without scratching or denting the front. 

    If it is a plumbed American fridge freezer then you need to connect the water filter to the water inlet pipework. Usually, this is found under the kitchen sink, and most American fridge freezers come with a 2-meter lead to connect the water inlet to the fridge freezer. 

    All of these appliances need a 5cm space left behind to allow ventilation otherwise it could overheat. Another good practice is to wait a few hours before plugging it in. This allows the gases to settle before starting up. 

    Once the American fridge freezer is installed they are very easy to maintain. We suggest that you give it a deep clean every three months to keep it fresh and keep it order free. Also, make sure to check the seal on doors so that food stays fresh and that the ice doesn’t build up.  


    How wide are American Fridge Freezers? 

    The most common width for American fridge freezers is 90cm wide. However, they can come in sizes of 70cm, 80cm and 82cm.

    All of these appliances tend to have a deep body size of 60cm and the doors stick out another 8cm. This is so the doors stick out past work surfaces so that when you open them, they don’t hit the worktop. Also, keep in mind that you need to keep a 5cm gap behind the fridge freezer for ventilation.


    Where to buy an American Fridge Freezer 

    The best place to buy an American Fridge Freezer is from a retailer approved by your manufacturer of choice. A store (physical or online) who knows what they're doing when it comes to these appliances, will likely have a range of products from each manufacturer and be able to discuss them in depth with you to help you make your choice.

    When buying an American Fridge Freezer from anyone make sure they understand your needs, and demonstrate expertise to ensure you get all of the information you need and more. Also look for deals, including delivery and installation offers.

    At DB Domestics, we carry a selection of  American fridge freezers models from all major manufacturers, we also provide free UK delivery on most orders.

    As part of our delivery service, we will take the doors off of the American fridge freezer to avoid any scratches or dents when being carried into the building. Unlike other competitors, we are willing to go upstairs and enter houses with tricky access entrances, free of charge. 


    Why are American Fridge Freezers so big?

    American fridge freezers are designed to be able to store large quantities of food for large households. They come in a range of styles including side by side, four doors, and two doors, and two draws. Each of these styles is made to hold different food capacities, with the two doors and two draws being the smallest, measuring just 70cm wide. 

    On average the American fridge freezer is 90cm wide compared to the 55cm to 60cm of normal fridge freezers. If you are unable to fit the 90cm then there are some brands that provide taller fridge freezers at 55cm to 60cm width. These brands include Bosch, Hoover, Hotpoint, Haden, Siemens, and Liebherr. They make fridge freezers that are two meters tall and have similar capacities to some American fridge freezers, without the large width.  


    Where to find American Fridge Freezers for sale 

    You can find a quality physical or online retailer of American Fridge Freezers by searching 'American Fridge Freezers' on Google.

    Most major and many independent appliance retailers now carry this style of appliance.

    Where you choose to buy from should be based on service, selection and available offers. Supporting an independent can also be beneficial to your local community.

    At DB Domestics we have a sale every few months on Samsung and SMEG American fridge freezers and can include seasonal promotions such as cashback, extended warranty, and even a free mixer or coffee grinder. 

    We can also do discounts on American fridge freezers if you are willing to not get the installation or if you pick it up from our warehouse. 


    What do American Fridge Freezers do? 

    An American fridge freezer does the same job as any other fridge freezer, however, these large appliances offer a huge amount of additional food storage compared to normal fridge freezers. Many of them also have additional features built in such as automatic water and ice dispensers, which include cubed ice and crush ice on demand as well as constant cold water. 

    Some of those particular models have water tanks you have to fill up manually (as opposed to being plumbed in) to get the cold water; those only supply water. However, Blomberg and LG have non plumbed American fridge freezers that supply water and ice.    

    Top of the range American Fridge Freezers can also include wi-fi so that you can connect Alexa or other phone apps to them for additional features.