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  • Fridge Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a fridge

    In this guide, we will help you discover which of our brands are best for you. We have a great selection of fridges that will fit all your needs and requirements.


    Do new fridges make noise?

    Yes, all fridges make some noise which is a good sign. The sound shows that your fridge is running and working as it should. The noise made is most likely the compressor running to keep your food cold. 

    If you find the noise an issue you can look at the decibel rating of the fridge. A lower decibel means a quieter fridge. Most fridges have a range of 32 - 47 decibels.


    What is the best fridge temperature setting?

    The UK Food Standards Agency says that the best temperature for food to be stored is 8°C and below. Keeping food at this temperature slows down the growth rate of bacteria on food.

    As a rule of thumb, use half of the highest temperature your fridge offers. So if your fridge has temperatures between 1°C and 8°C, then set your fridge to 4°C.


    What are the best fridge brands?

    There are lots of brands we offer that cover all price ranges to suit all budgets.

    The premium range of fridges is Miele and AEG. Both of these brands offer an A++ energy rating and have a price range of £849 - £880. Both brands provide useful functions and offer large sizes that are perfect for big households. By buying a Miele or AEG fridge, you know you’re buying a premium brand with high quality. They both come with a 2-year warranty. 

    The best mid-range brand is Liebherr fridges. These fridges have a price range of £459 - £559. The Liebherr fridges offer good quality, decent size range, and an A++ energy rating on all their fridges. Liebherr also offers a 2-year warranty on their fridges, like most premium brands. Because of this, Liebherr fridges are a great option if you are looking for a price-friendly option. 

    The best entry-level brand of fridges is Lec. Lec fridges have a price range of £140 - £449. These lower-end fridges have fewer size variations to choose from, as well as lower energy ratings and functionality. One benefit that Lec fridges offer is a 3-year warranty on all of their fridges.

    Bosch fridges have a price range of £409 - £949. This range also offers energy ratings of A++ and above, meaning they are very energy efficient and will cost you less to run. If we were to suggest one brand, it would be Bosch since it has the most to offer for everyone.  

                    Bosch                                     LEC                                                               



    What size fridges are there?

    Most fridges have a similar sizing but can vary and so you need to look at the space you have available. Both under the counter and larder fridges come in a width range of 50cm - 60cm. However, both types of fridges can vary in height, making it difficult to find a standardized size. 

    The depth of under counter fridges varies between 45cm to 65cm. Don’t forget that you will need 2cm of extra space to allow ventilation. 


    Where to buy a fridge

    We have a large showroom in Eastbourne, East Sussex that you can come and visit, and view some of our fridges. We also have an online store that you can browse and order from or you can order over the phone.


    What’s the difference between a fridge and a fridge freezer?

    The difference between fridges and fridge freezers is that one is just a larder fridge, meaning it's a fridge compartment with nothing else. Fridge freezers have both fridge sections as well as a freezer section.

    Refrigerators are also different, they are fridges but with ice compartments inside which are used to make ice cubes but not cold enough for food.  


    Other Fridge Brands

    Neff | Siemens


    Fridge Types and Sizes

    • Under counter fridges – Sizes 50/55/60cm width
    • There are 2 types of fridges - Larder fridge (no icebox) – Refrigerator (with icebox)
    • Tall Fridges– Generally these are larder fridges in 55/60cm widths
    • Tabletop fridges – These vary, larder fridge/ refrigerator (with icebox) Bottle coolers
    • Integrated fridges – Under counter are generally the same size but have two types – Larder fridge or refrigerator (with icebox)
    • In-column – Larder fridge designed to fit into a tower unit but are completely separate from the freezer (normally 88cm height)           


    Fridge Freezer – There are mainly 2 types :

    • Freestanding fridge freezers – three widths 50/55/60cm heights vary. There are generally 3 operational types:
      • Frost Free – No need for defrosting as automatic
      • Low frost – Occasional defrost, and Static
      • Manual defrost – Needs defrosting more frequently
    • Integrated – These fit into a cabinet and there are mainly 2 splits: 50/50 and 70/30 (door sizing) (although a 60/40 split does pop up. Again there are 3 operational types.
      • Frost Free – No need for defrosting as automatic
      • Low frost – Occasional defrost
      • Static – Manual defrost – Needs defrosting more frequently