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  • Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a washing machine

    We have a great selection of washing machine brands for you to choose from, starting from competitively-priced, entry-level brands, to premium. We are certain we can help you find a washing machine that suits your tastes, requirements, and budget.

    Which is the most reliable washing machine brand?

    Entry-level brands provide cheaper washing machines that are a great option if you’re on a budget but still want good quality. We offer two entry-level washing machines, Beko and Indesit. Both of these brands are high, energy-saving washing machines, making either of these two washing machines a great addition to an eco-conscious household.

    Both come in a range of drum sizes. 5kg to 12kg for Beko washing machines, and 7kg to 9kg for Indesit washing machines. Both of these brands work like a charm and are great value for money. They are also low cost to run.  

    Medium range washing machines will feature brands such as Hotpoint, Blomberg, Samsung, Zanussi and LG. Each of these brands are well known for getting rid of tough stains even at lower temperatures, which is both energy and cost-efficient. These medium-range washing machines are great if you don’t want to pay premium prices but want modern features such as anti-allergy technology. Some even boast high-end functionality such as smart technology, enabling you to control your washing machine from your phone.

    Our medium range washing machines are available in a decent range of drum sizes; from 6kg drums that can support all kinds of households, to a 9kg drum for those bigger families. 

    If you’re looking for the highest quality, functionality, and reliability then premium brands are the way to go. The premium brands we offer are AEG, Siemens, Miele, and Bosch washing machines. These machines come with top of the range features such as the Bosch EcoSilence Drive. A functionality that makes it extremely energy-efficient and quiet on all washes. Then there is the Miele Powerwash 2.0 that helps get out the toughest stains quickly, making this an ideal choice for a family home. 


    How to pick the best washing machine for you?

    Washing machine drum size is important to take into account because if you have a big household you will need to have a bigger drum such as 9kg or larger. These drum sizes will allow you to do larger wash loads at once. Most of the washing machines we stock offer a 9kg drum however some brands offer larger sizes.

    Of course, functionality is important to look at too. A lot of washing machines are now more energy-efficient, which helps save you money in the long term. One of our most eco-friendly washing machines is our Bosch washing machine with EcoSilent Drive, which keeps it quiet and energy-efficient.

    Our Hotpoint washing machines benefit from anti-stain technology. So if your household is a familial one, where you are in a constant battle against stains on baby clothes or sports clothing, you will want a function that helps with stain removal. 

    The spin cycle is another important feature, as the higher the spin cycle of the washing machine, the more water gets removed from the laundry. This then results in less drying time either outdoors or in a tumble dryer. If you have a lot of delicate clothing then you won’t need as high of a spin cycle since it would damage the clothes, whereas a high spin cycle is good for clothing such as jeans.

    The final thing to keep in mind while looking for your perfect washing machine is the warranty. Although you can buy a reliable washing machine it is still worth getting a long warranty. Our Samsung washing machines come with a five-year warranty. Another brand that offers a good warranty on all their washing machines is Blomberg, which offers a three-year warranty. Most of our budget-priced washing machine brands give a two-year warranty, whereas our entry-level Beko washing machine comes with a one year warranty.


    What are the best washing machines under £300?

    Beko washing machines are of great value for money. You get a good, reliable choice of a washing machine that is energy efficient, and great for any household. The Beko range has a variety of 7kg and 8kg drum sizes, with varying spin-cycle speeds for under £300. 

    In the event your Beko washing machine does break out of warranty, it is generally cheaper to repair compared to other brands such as Hotpoint as they are a frequent seller, making spare washing machine parts cheaper and easier to come by.


    Which washing machine is best overall?

    All the washing machines on offer will be the best for someone as they have different functions, prices, and styles. However, if we were to suggest a brand that we think is the best, it would have to be something from the range of Blomberg washing machines.

    They are competitively priced throughout the whole range, and highly reliable and energy-efficient. They have a variety of drum sizes in their range from 6kg to 9kg, meaning there will be a sufficient size to fit all types of households. What's more, they enjoy a high range of different yet widely practical functions and also a range of spin speeds.

    This makes the range of Blomberg washing machines one of the best washing machines in the UK market.


    Are washing machines a standard size?

    In short, yes! The width and height of washing machines from any brand are all around the same with a few millimetres difference. Washing machines come in a standard size of 85cm in height and 60cm in width.

    The depth is more changeable based on the drum size, if you have a bigger 9kg drum it will be deeper than one with a 6kg drum. Despite the varying depth, most will fit under an average-sized workspace. 

    To get the most flush washing machine under a work surface we suggest you go with a washing machine of 60cm and under, especially when fitting the plumbing behind it. 


    Find washing machines for sale

    DB Domestics is constantly monitoring prices, and offering discounts where possible to make sure we can give you the best washing machine at the deal possible. One of the key parts of our excellent customer service is that we deliver freestanding washing machines, fit them, and remove the old appliances free of charge! 

    We pride ourselves in offering a range so that everyone can find a washing machine to suit their needs. Contact us today to let us help you choose your ideal washing machine.


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