Having an integrated dishwasher installed?

Our trained and experienced delivery team can get it installed and set up for just £89

Find out what our service includes and how you can prepare for installation.

Deliver your new appliance, unpack it, remove your kitchen door, install your appliance, reinstall the kitchen door & remove all the packaging.

We will disconnect your old appliance, connect your new appliance to the water supply and electrical socket then run a cycle test to make sure everything is working and ready for use before we leave.

We will remove your old appliance to be recycled and plant a tree to help the environment.

How you can prepare for installation

Ensure there is easy access to get the old appliance out and the new one in place as well as suitable door for your integrated appliance.

If we are just dropping your new appliance and you would like the old one removed then please ensure it is disconnected and ready to collect prior to our arrival.

Ensure the connections required are present including a plug socket within one metre and a working water supply.

Ensure the correct size and type has been ordered, if you are unsure please call the showroom who will be happy to advise.

What is not included in our installation service

  • If there are any issues with the plumbing, such as a seized vavle, we can't make any amendments to the plumbing, we can however advise what work needs doing to complete the installation. We understand this can be inconvenient which is why we offer free re-delivery and install once the work is complete.
  • We can't install onto a plastic Y piece where two appliances share a single feed. Again we can advise what is required and offer the free re-delivery and install service.
  • We can't make any major modifications to existing units, our fitter can advise what will be required if this is the case.
  • If the kitchen doors are damaged or in poor condition we may not be able to reattach them to your new appliance. Again our fitter can advise if this is the case.


What size are integrated dishwashers?
  • Full size integrated dishwasher H82cm x W59cm x D55cm
  • Slimline integrated dishwasher H82cm x W45cm x D55cm
What if there is an issue with installation?

If, for whatever reason, we are unable to install your new appliance we can easily reschedule the installation for another day or we can leave the appliance with you to arrange your own installation.

What happens if I have a seized valve?

This is the most common cause of installation not being possible on the day, this valve connects your machine to the cold water feed and over time can seize up. In this instance a plumber will be needed to replace the valve before we can reinstall.

Will you turn off the water from the stopcock?

No, for insurance and safety reasons our fitters are unable to switch off the mains water.

How quickly can I have my appliance installed?

We deliver integrated appliances 5 days a week and depending on stock levels we can offer same or next day local delivery, if you are outside of our delivery area please contact us to discuss delivery options and timeframe.

Can you make alterations to my units or cupboard door?

Our fitters can make some minor modification as part of the installation, however if the unit or the cupboard is in poor condition, we suggest getting a carpenter to make the alternations or go for a freestanding appliance instead.

Do you offer a installation only service?

Unfortunately not as we only install appliances that are purchased from ourselves.

If I choose drop off only can I add installation on later?

Of course you can! Just contact the shop and we can arrange this for you.

Can you install a freestanding appliance where there is currently an integrated one?

We can indeed, however as this requires additional work to be carried out there will be an extra charge. Please contact the shop to discuss this further.