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Siemens ovens are designed to cut down your work and expand
your cooking options, they open up new possibilities. A choice of
models that steam cook or have microwave functions. Models come
in a range of shapes and sizes to fit into your individual kitchen design.

Hobs and Hoods

The range of Siemens hobs and hoods offer a wide choice for
every kitchen. Induction hobs and venting hobs provide truly
flexible cooking solutions or enjoy seamless cooking between
hob and hood with Wi-Fi enabled appliances.


The Siemens laundry range is packed full of features that gives
you peace of mind when doing the laundry. Sensor technology
optimises performance to save you time, effort and money.


The Siemens dishwasher range is loaded full of features like the iQdrive, a clever motor with frictionless design to reduce wear and tear and noise while washing. Siemens technology gives you that give you confidence when doing the dishes.

5 year warranty

Siemens offers an extended five year warranty on selected appliances. At no additional cost, this covers parts, labour and call out fees for products purchased within a five year timeframe. It is recommended that you register all home appliances, so that Siemens can get in touch with you easily. Get tips on how to make the most of your appliance and be informed about key product updates. Please visit Siemens Home UK to register your appliances.

Siemens warranty information


All Siemens products have at least 2-year standard manufacture warranty. 


Siemens ExtraKlasse will have an exclusive 5-year warranty to DB Domestics and Euronics stores. Add peace of mind to ensure you get the most of your new purchase.  


A further extension of standard warranties is available on request.

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Extra confidence rooted in cutting edge technology.

Siemens Home Appliances offer outstanding German precision engineering and efficiency packaged in striking iconic Siemens design.

Dedicated Siemens Service

When you buy a Siemens appliance, you gain access to an experienced customer service team. Relax with the knowledge that every appliance you buy offers peace of mind. Their customer service staff are knowledgeable and highly experienced – whether you have a quick query, require a spare or replacement part, or need a home visit from one of their engineers. Siemens offers the best assistance, with engineers located all over the country*, and all Siemens repairs are analysed in advance so they bring the correct replacement spare parts likely to be needed on the first visit**. Even better, you will also benefit from exceptional 24-hour online support. *In certain areas they may use an approved partner. **This process may vary where service partners are used by them.

Connected appliances

Use Siemens and Home Connect to revolutionise your daily routine. Organise your life with connected appliances – the Wi-Fi enabled Siemens range will blend into your home seamlessly, bringing together intelligence and connectivity. Turn your house into a connected home with the Home Connect App. You can also control your appliances out of home and integrate the technology with other partner services, including Amazon Alexa to voice control your appliances.