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'Know how','creativity'and'style' are three qualities that define Smeg's identity and characterise the company's commitment to bringing everyday objects to life.

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50s Style, Retro Fridges

An undeniable design icon, our iconic retro 50's style fridge design is available in a kaleidoscope of bright, bold and pastel colours which effortlessly combine great looks with high-performance technology.

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Smeg is a premium domestic brand that are very well known for there elegance and style, which mostly includes there 50's Retro Style. Smeg have a range of over 750 products ranging from kettles to toasters, stand mixer to blenders, American fridge freezers to Range cookers. Smeg products are always evolving along with new technology but they always keep there unique style, which everybody loves.

Smeg has been in the UK since 1989, and have ever since became a statement in any English kitchen whether its been a new built in oven and hob or a high end fridge freezer. Smeg even have there very own showroom in 14 Regent St. St James's, London for people to browse at their collection and experience all Smeg has to offer. Smeg also have live cookers station, and professional demonstration kitchens for anyone to try out Smeg appliances. This is the perfect opportunity for you to try before you buy at your local Euronics store.

Range Cookers

A great alternative to buying an oven and a hob, cookers combine both appliances for a seamless and impressive addition to your kitchen. Prefer the visual element of gas? Smeg offers a huge range of cookers with gas hobs, providing instant heat that’s perfect for intense cooking.

No gas supply? Go for all electric. Smeg have a range of cookers with induction hobs that are quick to use, easy to control and cool to the touch. Ceramic hob options are also available.

Looking for a contemporary style? Smeg’s Symphony and Opera ranges are a great choice. Looking for colour? Discover Smeg’s Portofino and Victoria ranges.

Iconic Retro Refrigeration

The Smeg FAB range is a collection of retro-style kitchen appliances, renowned for their distinctive design, vibrant colors, and modern technology. This iconic range includes a variety of appliances, with the Smeg FAB refrigerators being the most well-known.

The hallmark of the Smeg FAB range is its retro-inspired design, drawing inspiration from the 1950s. These refrigerators often feature smooth curves, bold colours, and chrome accents.

The FAB refrigerators come in a wide array of colours, allowing you to choose a model that complements your kitchen décor or makes a bold statement.


Smeg built in ovens offer a wealth of excellent features, guaranteeing flexibility of use, top performance and maximum safety. Smeg does this by constructing from the very best material including stainless steel, glass and enamel. The build quality of Smeg appliances is part of their trademark, and their oven its no difference where they provide a large range of different styles. Smeg ovens vary from convection, fan, pyrolytic, gas, steam, combi ovens and much more. 

Smeg's most popular single oven is the SF6922PPZE1 in black or cream, Designed in the 50's retro style it also comes with the latest technology including a pizza stone which is great for cooking pizza's from fresh. The bright and prominent LCD display provides simple operations that can be customised effectively, and the telescopic rails allow you to access your food comfortably.