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Beko warranty information


All Beko appliances come with a
1 year manufacturer warranty as standard.

Integrated Only

All integrated Beko appliances are eligible for an additional warranty upon registration. Register your integrated appliance, and the machine will have a 2 year warranty. 


A further extension of standard warranties is available on request.

More information

Beko is a global domestic appliance with a huge range of innovative products, fulfilling customers everyday needs. Beko launched in the UK over 25 years ago, and since then have been awarded the best winning appliance selling over 30 million appliances nationwide.     

Beko design their appliances to make customers lives easier, and to help them save money. Dedicated time and effort is invested in research, and development to gain a better customers insight to be able to create better appliances. This help drive innovation across the cooking, laundry, cooling and dishwashers in both of there freestanding and integrated appliances to help make the best use of space in peoples homes. Customer feedback from Reevo even puts forward that 95% of their customers would highly recommend Beko appliances. 


Beko free standing and integrated washing machines offer a large range of different modals with capacities as small to 5kg to a large 12kg drum. Each washing machine is designed to save energy, water and time whilst putting the best of care in your laundry. Beko provides a fast 28 minute full wash in each of their appliances, and their wash dryers can do a wash and dry program as little as 60 minutes. The ProSmart invertor motor is a exciting new feature in some of their appliances, which is so silent it keeps noise down to just 45db (A). 


Beko has a wide selection of fridge freezers, chest freezers, Americans, tall larder fridges and freezers, under count fridge and freezer, and integrated fridge freezers. Beko whole range of fridge freezers comes with flame retardant backs to prevent any risk of a fire whilst others also comes frost free, which automatically defrosts the freezer.


Beko has a wide range of electric and gas cookers to suit all spaces and cooking requirements. Many electric cookers come fan assisted, which make the oven circulate the air more evenly to help provide a even cooking temperature. Multi function ovens include baking features, defrosting and a slow cook function to preserve the juice and flavour, which is ideal for casseroles. 


Beko come with a variety of full size, slimline and integrated models all available with the quick mini 30 programme, which can wash a full load in 30 minutes. There are models which can hold up to 14 place settings designed to fit whole family plates and bowls whilst you can tailor each programme to either wash heavily soiled dished or to saving energy.