Elica NT-LIBRA-RC Venting Hob

5 Year Warranty
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The Elica Nikolatesla Libra BL/F/83-PRF0147745 has combined the induction hob and hood to create one integrated appliance that all can be controlled from arms length. Elica has won many interior awards for its design, and innovative features in their 83cm wide induction hob, which includes four independent zones, and a professional cast iron grille. This appliance has been designed to create an excellent centre piece for any kitchen. The Elica Nikolatesla Libra comes with a more advanced interface where the cooking and extraction function can be all controlled by one direct silder. This Elica combined hob and hood also has its very own weighing fuction that will tell you how much of an ingredient has been added. The NIKOLATESLA SWITCH also comes with a range of other features, which is broken down in more detail below. Auto Capture - With a simple touch of a button the hood will automatically adjust the power used based on the amount of cooking zone and power setting its on. Excellent feature, which you can select on a standby mode so you can focus only the cooking. Bridge zones - Can combine two of the hobs together on each side for it to work as one large hob. This function is perfect for when you have a large pan, griddle or wok. Pot Detector - Will automactially turn on when you select a pan on the hob.Stop and go - Need to take a break? press the stop button, and continue cooking whenever you are ready.Keep warm - Select the keep warm programme to have your food ready for when you come.Egg timesChild lock and safe activation Residual heat indicator Automatic heat up *Please note this model is reciruclation model. The Vented/Duckted out is the PRF0147744, which can be found on our website.

Features We Love

  • Recirculation model
  • Electrical Connection 13 Amp
  • Vented hob
  • Width 83cm
  • Warranty 5 years

Full Specification


Brand Elica
Type Venting Hob
Colour ["White"]
Fuel Supply Electric
Manufacturer Warranty 5 Years

Key Features

Controls Touch
Residual Heat Indicator true


Height 21.1 cm
Width 83 cm
Depth 51.5 cm

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