Freestanding Dishwasher Glossary

Freestanding Dishwasher Glossary

A freestanding dishwasher is a standalone kitchen appliance that doesn't require built-in installation or integration with your kitchen cabinets. Unlike integrated dishwashers, freestanding models can be placed anywhere in your kitchen as long as there is a water source, a drain, and access to a power outlet. Here are some key features and considerations for freestanding dishwashers

Design and Portability

Freestanding dishwashers have a complete exterior, including a front panel with controls, and they come in various finishes like stainless steel, white, or black.

They are designed to be portable and can easily be moved or replaced without affecting the kitchen layout

Size and Capacity

Freestanding dishwashers come in different sizes, typically measured in terms of place settings or the number of dishes they can hold.

Standard widths for freestanding dishwashers are often 45cm for a slimline dishwasher and 60cm for a full size dishwasher.


Installation is straightforward and usually involves connecting the dishwasher to a water source, a drain, and a power outlet. No additional cabinetry work is needed.

Some models may have adjustable legs to ensure a level installation.

Control Panel

The control panel is typically located on the front of the dishwasher, making it easily accessible. It includes buttons or a digital display for selecting wash programs and settings.

Some models with a digital display will have a countdown timer to indicate how long is left on the cycle.

Noise Level

Like integrated dishwashers, the noise level of freestanding models varies. Look for models with lower decibel ratings if a quiet operation is important to you.

Energy Efficiency

Freestanding dishwashers can be designed with energy-efficient features to reduce water and energy consumption. With A being the most efficient and G being the least.

This energy consumption is made up from the amount of electricity and water the appliances use.

Wash Programmes and Features

Freestanding dishwashers come with a variety of wash programs, including options for delicate items, heavy-duty cleaning, quick wash, and more.

Brand and Price

Many well-known appliance brands offer freestanding dishwashers. Prices can vary based on brand, features, and capacity.

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