Maderia Way | Eastbourne

Project Overview

At Maderia Way in Eastbourne, we embarked on a project to design a kitchen that epitomizes modernity and functionality. Our design focused on blending sleek aesthetics with practical features to create a space that is both stylish and efficient.

The kitchen showcases Cutler Hi Gloss White and Dust Grey doors, providing a contemporary yet timeless look. These contrasting colors add depth and visual interest to the space, while the lapover handles offer a seamless and minimalist touch.

To elevate the luxury quotient, we opted for Stone Galaxy Quartz countertops, known for their durability and elegance. The addition of the Quooker Flex Tap not only enhances convenience but also adds a touch of sophistication with its instant boiling water feature.

In terms of appliances, we integrated top-of-the-line Neff ovens and dishwasher for seamless cooking and cleaning experiences. The Elica Nikolatesla Induction Hob with Extraction offers both cooking functionality and sleek design, while the Samsung American Fridge Freezer provides ample storage space and modern convenience.

Overall, the kitchen in Maderia Way is a perfect fusion of style and practicality, offering a sophisticated yet highly functional space for culinary adventures and everyday living.