Range Cooker Buying Guide

Range Cooker Buying Guide

Buying a range cooker is a significant investment for your kitchen, so it's important to consider several factors before making a decision such as fuel type, width, style, colour and of course budget.

To help make the decision a bit easier here's a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the right range cooker for your needs.

Size & Capacity

Consider the size of your household and your cooking habits and needs when choosing what size works best for your household.

Range cookers typically come in widths ranging from 90cm to 150cm, with larger sizes having a greater cooking capacity across more ovens and more cooking zones.

90cm range cookers are among the most popular sizes available and are a common choice for most homes. Typically, they come with four or five hobs that are arranged in different sizes allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your cooking needs and always offering ample cooking space.

90cm range cookers also feature two cavities (ovens), including a large main oven and a smaller secondary oven perfect for grilling your favourite foods, so you will never be disappointed with a wide range of cooking options readily available for you to cook for your family or to entertain guests.

Twice the size of a standard 60cm cooker, a 120cm range cooker is the ultimate solution for those who love entertaining guests, hosting parties or are part of a large family. With a spacious 1200mm wide cooking area, you'll have plenty of room to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, making meal preparation for the family a breeze.

In addition, due to their large size, they include one large main oven with enough space to cook numerous meals at once while offering a decent-sized grill making meal times simple.

A 100cm range cooker provides even more cooking space than its 90cm counterpart. Although it is only a 10cm difference between them, a 100cm range cooker usually boasts at least six or seven burners allowing you to cook, simmer or boil even more at once.

Generally, they offer a minimum of three ovens. However, some have four, including a grill designed for perfectly cooking meat.

150cm range cookers are the largest and most impressive size available. These colossal 150cm range cookers are perfect for large commercial kitchen environments or those requiring a huge amount of cooking space.

The 150cm model is the biggest model on the market and is designed to make a statement in any home. This ultimate range cooker is for those who love to cook on a grand scale—packed full of all the features found in its counterparts whilst offering the biggest space to cook. Please note that due to their size and complexity, it is advised to have assistance when moving it into the property and having a professional around to install it.

110cm range cookers are the perfect choice for those who seriously love to cook and have plenty of room available.

All 110cm range cookers have seven cooking zones which are different sizes leaving plenty of room to cook, sizzle and fry your favourite foods. They are ideal for large families as they can easily handle large meals due to their three ovens and grill.

Fuel Type

Do you prefer a gas, electric, or dual fuel range cooker? Gas cookers provide precise control over heat, while electric range cookers offer consistent temperature distribution thanks to an induction hob. Dual fuel models combine the benefits of both a gas hob and electric oven.

Hob Configuration

Consider the number and type of burners or cooking zones on the hob. Look for features like high-powered burners, simmer burners, and griddle plates based on your cooking needs.

Oven Features

Look for oven features such as fan-assisted cooking, convection cooking, multiple oven compartments, and programmable timers for added convenience.

Some range cookers offer special oven functions like slow cooking, pizza mode, and defrosting.

Energy Efficiency

Check the energy efficiency rating of the range cooker to help reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Gas range cookers are very well known for the carbon emissions they let off while being used so if you are deciding on a gas range, it is advised to air out your kitchen during and after cooking.

Electric range cookers can be powered and operated by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, making them much more environmentally and eco-friendly.

Brand and Price

Choosing a brand can be daunting, especially when you want to make a big purchase like a range cooker.

Therefore, we highly recommend reading previous customer reviews and recommendations that will be readily available online to assist you with valuable insights into the performance, quality and overall satisfaction of the different brands of range cookers.

Additional Features

Range cookers boast a wide range of functions, making your cooking experience even easier and more enjoyable.

For example, electric ovens come with a fan which distributes the heat evenly, resulting in a more even cooking and speeding up the cooking times. Alternatively, conventional ovens have a single heating element at the bottom of the oven cavity, where the heat rises in order to cook the food.

A multi-function oven combines the features of a conventional and a fan oven, allowing you to switch between cooking modes depending on the type of dish you are cooking.

Warming drawer compartments, usually located beneath the oven, can be used to keep food warm until it is time to be served.

Finally, telescopic shelves can be pulled out of the oven cavity, making it easier to check your cooked dishes and making removing them from the oven safer.

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